327 Infantry Veterans

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admin admin wrote on March 28, 2003 at 7:47 pm
Name: Monica
Hometown: Sterling.IL
Sent: 3.49 pm - fri 28 mar 2003

To all the troops come home safely and we are praying for you.
To Matt we miss you come home safely. Me and My family are always thinking about you. we miss you
P.S God bless you all!
Name: Joyce Thomas
Hometown: Cornelia, Georgia
Sent: 3.46 pm - fri 28 mar 2003

Hey guys:
My thoughts and prayers are with you and with the other soilders in other branches of the military. My brother was in the 101st 327th during Viet Nam, so I have a soft spot for all you guys. Just get over there, get the job done, and come back home, safe! Hopefully it will not be dragged out as long as Nam, and you boys will return to a heros welcome, unlike the Nam Vets, who were also heros, but were shunned for their service. Those who were there and remember, won't let that happen to you! So just take that SUCKER out
Name: James Kilvington
Hometown: naugatuck, CT
Sent: 6.00 am - fri 28 mar 2003

To Sandy's son. Sir you mother has really touched me and you i hope you retunr to her i couldn't bare to see her in pain. With god's speed defeat saddam and come home.

With upmost respect and Thanks
James E. Kilvington
Name: Emily Dewey
Hometown: Lake michigan
Sent: 1.34 am - fri 28 mar 2003

Hey jeremiah....the letters we wrote will be comming soon... I love you and please please be safe... I miss the heck out of you and i cant wait too see you! I pray for you ever night rite along with all of your friends.. Im verry verry proud of you... Kick there butts then come on home bro
Your lil sis
Name: joanna garza
Sent: 8.22 pm - thu 27 mar 2003

Bless you all for protecting all of AMERICA, We are truly grateful for your sacrifice.

******************** GOD BLESS AMERICA ****************
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admin admin wrote on March 27, 2003 at 7:49 pm
Name: Bill Adams
Hometown: Pocono Sunnit PA
Sent: 5.42 pm - thu 27 mar 2003

Was with 801st Maint.1971
Name: jack & debbie pettee
Hometown: rough & ready, ca
Sent: 12.10 pm - thu 27 mar 2003
Name: Carla Rodriguez
Hometown: Lorain, Ohio
Sent: 9.37 am - thu 27 mar 2003

This is such a brilliant idea! I would just like to say that I to have a brother who is a new addition to the U.S. Army, Private Rodriguez. He's in San Antonio, Texas right now completing his AIT schooling to become an Army Medic. Me and my family are grateful that he has yet to join the many soldiers in the war the Iraq. I do pray for peace in the world and for God to look over all of our U.S. Soldiers. Tonight i will make sure to specifically pray for Sgt. Dewey and his fellow Screaming Eagles who are sacrificing their lives for the well-being of all U.S. citizens. I honor the roll you play in this world. May God also bless you "Chic", for your idea to keep all the U.S. Soldiers in everyones daily prayers. An effort made for the happiness of others, lifts us above ourselves!


"My brothers a U.S. Soldier too"
Carla Rodriguez
Peace, Love, and Happiness to All!
Name: Gina
Hometown: Nolanville, TX
Sent: 8.48 am - thu 27 mar 2003

Forget the protesters and Hollywood! You have America's support!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jeff J. Brown
Sent: 3.05 am - thu 27 mar 2003

Hey Guys.. I just wanted to write a small letter and tell you what a good job you are doing. Someday soon this will come to an end and you will be back at home with your family where you belong... Keep up the good work and my prayers are with you all...
Name: Michael Stevens
Hometown: Toronto Canada
Sent: 2.20 am - thu 27 mar 2003

To all the guy's in the 327th i wish ya all the best! As a Canadian i wish i was there helping ya all. To Jeremiah Dewey i am a friend of your mother i wish you all the best and a sAfe return to the U.S.A. mY Prayers are with you and all the guys there!.
Name: Jaz and Wisc
Hometown: central Wi.
Sent: 1.29 am - thu 27 mar 2003

Thank you !!
God bless each and every one of you may you all come home safe and sound.
Name: Bridget
Hometown: Deansboro, NY.
Sent: 11.02 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

A Poem for the troops who defend our Freedom...

God Bless our troops that are fighting today!
They have Operation Freedom Iraqi well under way.
War isnโ€™t easy our troops are paying the cost
Fallen soldiers, Marines and coalitions weโ€™ve lost.
For our freedom and safety they are paying the price.
They go into battle, they donโ€™t think twice.
For the love of their country paying their greatest sacrifice.
Protestors on the streets are screaming lets have peace!
While our troops march on in the dessert heat.
Our troops know the importance of what theyโ€™re fighting for.
Theyโ€™re determined to fight! Their hearts arenโ€™t torn.
Their Commander and Chief they salute and never scorn.
They need our prayers and our support itโ€™s true,
Stand up America lets show our red, white and blue!
Sadam, get prepared and practice bowing for your last debut,
Itโ€™s time to go down and pay the devil your dues.
Sadam, Satan has a special place reserved for you!
Our troops and coalition are moving close indeed!
They will hit you with great strength and fastest of speeds!
You wonโ€™t know what hit you till all the smoke has cleared.
Name: billy
Hometown: washington state
Sent: 10.16 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

we are praying for you, and hope that you make a safe return home to the USA. As alot of other people we stand behind you during this situatio, and we will be waiting for you in our home ports when you come home, ecspecially you guys from Washington state, and Oregon. We are here for you as friends and country men, and we will be here for your families to help them thru all the trying times during this Peace
Good Luck,
Billy C.
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admin admin wrote on March 27, 2003 at 7:47 pm
Name: Lowell Hunt
Hometown: Dunmor Ky
Sent: 6.37 pm - thu 27 mar 2003

Jeremiah, you are in our thoughts an prayers Lowell,Rosie,Angie,an all the little yahoos lol we are waiting an praying.
Name: Dennis Worden
Hometown: Grass Valley Ca
Sent: 6.15 pm - thu 27 mar 2003

The Average Military Man ( Author Unknown )

The average age of the military man is 19 years.

He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy. Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country.

He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's; but he has never collected unemployment either.

He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears
to be waiting when he returns from half a world away.

He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and 155mm Howitzers.

He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk.
He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a rifle in 30 seconds and reassemble it in less time in the dark.

He can recite to you the nomenclature of a machine gun or grenade launcher and use either one effectively if he must.

He digs foxholes and latrines and can apply first aid like a professional.

He can march until he is told to stop or stop until he is told to march.

He obeys orders instantly and without hesitation, but he is not without spirit or individual dignity.

He is self-sufficient. He has two sets of fatigues: he washes one and wears the other. He keeps his canteens full and his feet dry.

He sometimes forgets to brush his teeth, but never to clean his rifle.

He can cook his own meals, mend his own clothes, and fix his own hurts. If you're thirsty, he'll share his water with you; if you are hungry, his food.

He'll even split his ammunition with you in the mi! dst of battle when you run low.

He has learned to use his hands like weapons and weapons like they were his hands. He can save your life - or take it, because that is his job.

He will often do twice the work of a civilian, draw half the pay and still find ironic humor in it all. He has seen more suffering and death then he should have in his short lifetime.

He has stood atop mountains of dead bodies, and helped to create them.

He has wept in public and in private, for friends who have fallen in combat and is unashamed.

He feels every note of the National Anthem vibrate through his body while at rigid attention, while tempering the burning desire to 'square-away' those around him who haven't bothered to stand, remove their hat, or even stop talking. In an odd twist, day in and day out, far from home, he defends their right to be disrespectful.

Just as did his Father, Grandfather, and Great-grandfather, he is paying the price for our f! reedom.

Beardless or not, he is not a boy.

He is the American Fighting Man that has kept this country free for over 200 years.

He has asked nothing in return, except our friendship and understanding.

Remember him, always, for he has earned our respect and admiration with his blood.
Name: Clayton
Hometown: Farwell
Sent: 6.04 pm - thu 27 mar 2003

Hey there. I hope that all goes well. I just want to say that I hope you get back safe and that you're keeping yourself out of danger. I don't really know you personally, but I'd still like to say thank you.
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admin admin wrote on March 26, 2003 at 7:55 pm
Name: Crystal Carpenter
Hometown: Portsmouth, Ohio
Sent: 8.05 am - wed 26 mar 2003

Hi Jeramiah we miss you but want to say how proud we are of you. You still own me a dinner so don't think you can get out of it now. Be safe and becareful. We are praying for you and everyone that is over there. God Bless You.
Name: janet downs
Hometown: Albion,IL
Sent: 5.56 am - wed 26 mar 2003

God Bless you and every Man over there--You are in my thoughts and prayers-Come Home soon--Love ya all
Name: Sally Esposito
Hometown: Cohoes,N.Y.
Sent: 5.32 am - wed 26 mar 2003

We all say thank you and god speed.We pray that all of you are home soon.Please stay safe.We are proud of all of you.The Esposito family.
Name: ken clapp
Hometown: hemet ca
Sent: 5.26 am - wed 26 mar 2003

to Jerimiah dewey hi im your mouthers friend wanted to let you know i support our troups, Jermiah i pray for your safety daily ken
Name: Tassler Derek D.
Hometown: Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Sent: 1.48 am - wed 26 mar 2003

My younger brother is currently serving in the 327th in Iraq. My Uncle Moose served in Vietnam in the 101st. Myself and my older brother served in the Marine Corps. I can not think of a more fitting man, or a more fitting situation, than the one facing my brother and all other servicemen and women over there right now. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to all who have served and continue to serve the colors. My trust is with each and every one.
Name: James K.Collins
Hometown: Kenosha
Sent: 1.27 am - wed 26 mar 2003

All my prayers are with you Jeremiah. Ive recently come to know your father, he is a good friend and a fine man... Take care Jeremiah and be safe James
Name: Tracy Lyon
Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon
Sent: 12.56 am - wed 26 mar 2003

To all the screaming eagles... you are all in my prayers. I know you are all doing your very best over there and the entire country should be very proud of you. Sgt. Jeremiah Dewey.. if you see this, Know that I love you. Please take care of yourself and i hope you can come home soon.
Name: lisa davis
Hometown: sandy oregon
Sent: 12.40 am - wed 26 mar 2003

hey you guys my thoughts and prayers are with you all the time.jeremiah i wish for your safe return, i am a friend of your dads and i know he is very very worried about you and i care alot about your safety and all others with you.take care we all love you guys there.we support you all the way.
Name: alvin dewey
Hometown: lake michigan
Sent: 12.27 am - wed 26 mar 2003

jeremiah my thoughts are with you buddy. your not only my son, but also my best friend in the whole world. tell vert to watch your back,and you watch ya. come home safe. i can't wait to toast you and vert
Name: Rick Franklin
Hometown: Seattle Wa
Sent: 12.20 am - wed 26 mar 2003

a dear friend of mine, Sandy, tells me her son is in this unit.....i pray to God that ALL of you return home safely and i commend you for the job you are doing. Thank you all
Name: Sandy Dewey
Hometown: Lake, Michigan
Sent: 12.19 am - wed 26 mar 2003

Hi my sweet son...dont know if you'll see this...but want you to know how much i love you and how very proud i am of you...and every person over take care of yourself..your all in our prayer....Love you tons.....Mom
Name: alvin dewey
Hometown: lake michigan
Sent: 11.37 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

i like your site,
i'm proud to say my youngest son is a member of the 2/327 and hes serving in the free iraq campain.
god bless all our troops.
Hometown: Cleveland Tn.
Sent: 11.35 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

may god bless and keepour troops safe my familyandI willbe prayering for your safe return in the battles to come may youalways kickthere butts ronald deal an family
Name: Becky Connolly
Hometown: Orangevale, CA
Sent: 7.45 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

God Bless our kids in the middle east right now. I would love to hear from any mom/dad/or relative from my sons company. 101st 327th 1st Batallion, Bravo Company. Godspeed. WE love you all and we pray for your safe return soon. I love you Matt. MOM
Hometown: houston,tex.
Sent: 7.41 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

hey bros. i been gone for awhile, i can say i miss you guys.pray you all are in the best of health.

Name: Lisa Freeman
Hometown: Concord, CA
Sent: 3.18 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

I just wanted to say Thank you to you and your families for the sacrifices all of you are making to keep America free and safe. God Bless you and I pray for your safe return soon.
If any military personnel would like a pen pal please write.
Name: A.W. (Art) Mercer
Hometown: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Sent: 1.56 am - tue 25 mar 2003

Two years ago my wife and I visited the memorial at Gander, Newfoundland. We were touched by the reverence of that site and truely felt that we were standing on sacred ground. WE support your President's position on Iraq and pray for the safe return of all personnel.
Name: Harry Carpenter
Hometown: Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Sent: 3.42 pm - mon 24 mar 2003

Served as Company C medic 1970-71
Name: Shelli Peters
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Sent: 1.59 pm - mon 24 mar 2003

What a great website! My brother is currently with the 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 327 infantry regiment with the 101st in Iraq. It is nice to have a website like yours to refer to. Thanks!
Name: John Dunn
Hometown: San Antonio Texas
Sent: 1.30 pm - mon 24 mar 2003

As a member of HHC 1/327th motars 90-93, I am with you every step of the way. I am proud to be a part of the history of the unit, and proud each of you are representing the nation and our way of life. Do not let the small minded people in this country discourage you. The nation supports you and all you are doing. Everyone is praying for your safe return. Above the Rest.
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admin admin wrote on March 26, 2003 at 7:54 pm
Name: Dawna R. Taylor
Hometown: Killeen, TX
Sent: 12.14 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

We are praying for you each and every day. We stand behind our soldiers. Having been a soldier myself, I know that it is nice to know someone cares. God cares and so do we. Keep your head down and know there are angels about you to guard you. Dawn
Name: Sharon Davis
Hometown: Belton, TX
Sent: 12.13 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

We appreciate your efforts to keep us free! Be safe!
Name: Suzi Chapman
Hometown: Killeen, TX and Murray, KY
Sent: 11.55 am - wed 26 mar 2003

I pray daily for your safety and give thanks daily because this nation is protected by the courageous men and women of the 101st. God bless America and those who bravely serve her. Suzi
Name: Sally Esposito
Hometown: Cohoes,N.Y.
Sent: 11.38 am - wed 26 mar 2003

I want to thank each and everyone of you for serving our country.I pray that all of you come home to your families safe.All of you are in my prayers.Sally
Name: Jason Rumfelt
Hometown: winstonsalem NC
Sent: 10.16 am - wed 26 mar 2003

Thank God for all the brave men and women that will fight for freedom for our enimies.
I am so proud to be an america and is so proud of our men and wemen and the familys that sacrafice in the name of freedom. MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF U!!!!
(((((gO GET EM))))))))
Name: Justin Colosky
Hometown: Farwell
Sent: 9.57 am - wed 26 mar 2003

I just want to say that we miss all you guys and stand behind all of you. Thank You So Much For All That You Guys Are Doing For Us!! And I love ya Jerimiah !!
Love, Justin
Name: George
Hometown: West Monroe, Louisiana
Sent: 9.56 am - wed 26 mar 2003

Prayers and thoughts are with all of you!
Name: Fizzzzzzzy
Hometown: Australia
Sent: 8.40 am - wed 26 mar 2003

I am an aussie who chats on the internet with one of your guys mother. Her nick is Lethal Lady.
Good Luck and take care everyone!
Name: Geoff O'Neil
Hometown: Gautier MS
Sent: 8.29 am - wed 26 mar 2003

I chat with Lethal Lady..her son is one of the guys in 327 Eagles. I want you all to be carefull..and Know we are praying every day until we see you all again. We believe in you and you have already made us all very very proud. Come home safe ...God Bless
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admin admin wrote on March 26, 2003 at 7:52 pm
Name: charlotte kiser
Hometown: olive hill, ky
Sent: 4.23 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Hope how soon this is over for all of you and you all can come home safe to your Familey ,s God go with you all charlotte
Name: Max
Hometown: Jackpot, Nevada
Sent: 2.57 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Jeremiah, I am a chat friend of your Mother, a very sweet lady, and to you and all of the 101st, you are all very brave men and women, and have the respect of all the American people for the job you are doing and for the cause you are fighting for, our Freedom; my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Remember, we are all with you in Spirit. We love and care for you all, be safe. A friend Max!!
Name: Reva Bohy
Hometown: Lake, Michigan
Sent: 2.09 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Dear Men that are so bravely serving our country. My thoughts and prays are with you. So my daughter will be leaving for boot camp and when she finally joins you in you quest for peace I do pray that you watch over her for me. Thank you for you commitment to freedom. May God watch over you and your families in this time of woe.
Name: Rhonda Jordal
Hometown: Forest City Iowa
Sent: 1.16 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Hello, My son Steen is fighting in Iraq. He is with the 101st Airborne Air Assault 1st Bde. I also have two brothers in Army, one is also in Iraq fighting the other is in Germany. And my husband has a cousin with the 101st Airborne. We are thinking of all the troops daily and are soooo proud of all of them and the job they are doing! Go Screaming Eagles!
Name: Emily Dewey
Hometown: Lake Michigan
Sent: 1.16 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Hey Jeremiah... i want you to know that i pray for you and everyone every night... I just know you will be home...So i can see your smiling face.. I love you and you are one of my best friends.. I miss you so much...But i am verry proud of you... Keep up the good work.... I love you more then anything keep your head up
Your Sister Emily I LOVE YOU!!!
Name: Jason Rumfelt
Hometown: WinstonSalem NC
Sent: 1.11 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

God bless each and everyone of our troop!!!!
I am praying for each one of u.. You are the people that make me proud to be an american!!!!! GO AND GET HIM BOYS AND GIRLS!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
Name: Janice Allen
Hometown: Lampasas, Texas
Sent: 12.51 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

I support the troops and hope you come back safe and well. God bless and take care!
Name: Mike Allen
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Sent: 12.37 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

We missed you. We hope you come home soon from Iraq!! God Bless All USA Troops!!
We still love you !!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Name: Diana
Hometown: Copperas Cove, TX
Sent: 12.35 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

You are never forgotten!

God Bless America and all those who serve her!!

Name: Mike Garceau
Hometown: Southbridge Massachusetts
Sent: 12.29 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Hey Jeremiah and fellow "Freedom Fighters".. Just letting you know that I support you and what you're doing 100%!! GO GET THE BASTARDS!!! KICK SOME SADDAM INSANE ASS!!!! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!
Name: Ken Neeley
Hometown: Oxford, Michigan
Sent: 12.19 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

My son is with the 1/327th, Bravo Company in Iraq right now...I am organizing a HUUUUGE Support our Troops Rally here in Michigan.
I would like to discuss your participation in this rally but can find no contact info....please e-mail me.
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admin admin wrote on March 26, 2003 at 7:49 pm
Name: Jeremiah Dewey
Sent: 8.51 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Hey Jugs;. This is Emily's friend Stephanie....i went to your wedding. Anyway, i just wanted to let you know that ALL of us are praying for you and Kris Modicka says "Get Yours Ass Home Safe";, she also told me that you should just hide behind a BIG; person that way you dont get hurt lol. She thought that might cheer you up. Well i hope your doing ok and that you come home safely. Everyone misses you.
Name: Richard Knudsen
Hometown: aransas pass,Texas
Sent: 8.44 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Our troops have my total support. I hope yall send them heathens to hell,and come home safely.I would also like to thANK ALL THE SOLDIERS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for the sacrifice they are willing to make.May God be with you.
Name: jordan dewey
Hometown: Farwell
Sent: 8.42 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

hey jugs
we just wanted to say keep up the good work and we all love ya
jordan abe aunt sharon and uncle stewart and grandpa
Name: Douglas Dewey
Hometown: ST. Johns MI.
Sent: 8.15 pm - wed 26 mar 2003


I can not tell you how PROUD of you I'am.
Our though's and prays are with you every min. of the
day and night. Hope every thing is going great for you.
KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN. And we Love YOU Uncle Doug&Aunt
Pam & Ryan.
Name: B.j. Martin
Hometown: Vassar, Mi
Sent: 8.11 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Oh my where do i begin? To start off i am deeply indebted to u and the rest of our troops. I am so glad that we(the united states armed forces) are not gonna take anymore of saddam's empty threats. I tell ya what .. i sure as hell wouldnt want to b him when u all catch him and stomp a mud hole in his ass. I keep everyone in my prayers, especially for the troops in the thick of the fighting. Me and my family want to wish ya god speed and come home safely.
Sincerely Yours,
The Martin Family
(Brad, Rita, jolene)
Name: Alvin & Lori Dewey
Hometown: Farwell, MI
Sent: 8.04 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Jeremiah Hey, man even though things are unclear between us just wanted you to know that no matter what differences you and I have you will always be my brother and my partner in crime. Just want to say watch your back, be careful, and bring yourself home soon. Believe it or not there is people here that care about you. ME!! Love you.
Name: Raymond G. Bell Jr.
Hometown: Columbus, Ms.
Sent: 7.23 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Guys our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you fight for your country and our safety i can't thank you enough, God Bless you and be safe. I chat with Sandy her son is in this unit Hi to Jeremiah.........Take Care, Ray
Name: Sally Esposito
Hometown: Cohoes,N.Y.
Sent: 7.17 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

I am proud of you all.Thank you for what you are doing for us here.Please stay safe.I hope you are all back home with your families soon. Sally
Name: Frank Page
Hometown: Yukon, Oklahoma
Sent: 6.24 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

As a former member of the 101st in Vietnam, You have my support and prayers 100%. May God speed, protect and give you strength in your fight for continued freedom.

Screaming Eagles
Name: katie bohy
Hometown: lake michigan
Sent: 4.42 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

hey i want you all to know that what you are all doing rate now is the most braviest thing that anyone could ever do and my sister is leaving soon to the army and i will miss her and i hope that she will become as brave as you do when you all come home i cant wait till i see all your smiling faces thank you for fighting for our country my prayers are with all of you
Name: Steven J. Munsie
Hometown: St. Robert, MO
Sent: 4.41 pm - wed 26 mar 2003

Keep up the good work!
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admin admin wrote on March 24, 2003 at 7:57 pm
Name: George S. Kouzoukas
Hometown: Chicago IL
Sent: 12.37 am - mon 24 mar 2003

Was with HHC 2/327th 74-76, would like to here from some of the brothers that might remember me,

Name: Edward J.Heisserer
Hometown: St.Louis,Mo.
Sent: 8.55 pm - sun 23 mar 2003

Was a member of 1st bde.A co.2nd bat.327th.Inf.(weapons platoon).July 65 to July 66 in Viet Nam.Would like to hear from any of the guy's who were there with me.
Name: Lin Price
Hometown: Smartville, Ca
Sent: 6.13 pm - sun 23 mar 2003

Hi Guys: Our prayers and thoughts are always with you. We are so thankful that you have volunteered to serve and protect us. We can only hope that we are worthy of these great sacrafices. To Kyle Worden, 101st Airborne 1st Brigade 2nd Battalion 327 Infrantry Delta Company, Lets Roll! Thought about you, while on a mock search yesterday, we missed ya! You will have a lot to show us when you return. Good Luck and play safe and remember if you seek God, He will find you!
Name: Jim Hebb
Sent: 2.13 pm - sun 23 mar 2003
Name: Chris & Dennis Worden
Hometown: Grass Valley, CA
Sent: 1.09 pm - sun 23 mar 2003

Son, you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are very proud of you. It's strange to be seeing so much of what's happening on the news live. Camy has made patches for her jacket that say 101st Airborne along with your infantry, she wears this to school everyday. Jessica was over and she leaves for the Air Force training tomorrow. Stay safe and take care. We Love You, Mom & Dad and Cameron
Name: Susan Mason
Hometown: Westhill, Ontario CANADA
Sent: 10.12 am - sun 23 mar 2003

I am terribly sad to hear of the deaths of some of
your Airborne troops in Kuwait. My father and two
brothers were Royal Engineers in England - so I
really understand the pain you feel at the loss of
your fellow soldiers. Keep going, hang tough and
come back to America safely - and soon!
Name: Dee Dee Piner
Hometown: Grass Valley, CALIF.
Sent: 11.43 am - sat 22 mar 2003

Our love and support particularly goes out to Soldier Kyle Worden,(101st Airborne, 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry, Delta Company), the son of our dear friends and neighbors. We believe in what you're doing, hang tough, we miss you and know that you will accomplish your goal with professionalism. You all inspire us to live better lives, we appreciate your sacrifices so the world can be a safer place. Know that our prayers and best thoughts are with you and your company. We're proud of all of you, God Bless. The Piner family
Name: Anita Fisse
Hometown: San Mateo, CA
Sent: 1.00 am - sat 22 mar 2003

My city adopted A Company, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry. I just want to say thank you to you all for all that you are doing for our great country to protect our freedom. I wish you all a safe return home. God bless you and God bless America.
Name: Ellie Ross
Hometown: Frazeysburg. Ohio
Sent: 8.18 pm - fri 21 mar 2003

May God Bless you all and keep you safe, and make your job succeful. We are all very conserned here at home, and thinking of you all. Thank you all for fighting for our country. To my grandson Michael S. Ross we are all very proud of you, Get home well, and soon. Love ya....... all your whole family.
Name: Harry A. Speaker
Hometown: Long Beach ,MS
Sent: 10.43 am - fri 21 mar 2003

I commanded Delta Company from Jan. 72 to Apr. 72, when we were sent home. We worked west of Cam Ranh Bay.
Hometown: olive hill, ky
Sent: 3.46 pm - thu 20 mar 2003

IF the united states would put their [TRUST] IN {GOD things will be OK [GOD]Bless America
Name: Valorie Moats
Hometown: Boynton Beach, Florida
Sent: 10.30 am - thu 20 mar 2003

Our City has Adopted D Company 2nd Battalion 327th Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Division (Air Assult)
I am looking for any picturs or any history or facts about this specific Company. I am collecting information to create a desplay for our citizens to see what thes soldiers have done. God bless them and all of our soldiers! Please stay safe!
Name: Bob "Texas" Graves
Hometown: Amarillo, Tx.
Sent: 11.12 pm - wed 19 mar 2003

Looking for anyone who served in B/co. 1st/327th in 68'-69' Please contact me. I have only located one so far Joseph Goddridge (Pappy) have lost contact with my company after I left VietNam.
Name: Jacquie
Hometown: ENGLAND
Sent: 11.50 am - wed 19 mar 2003

I have been in communication with a Sgt from the 1st BN 327th Regt for nearly 10 months on the internet and by snail mail; And I just want to say Hi; and to let you all know that the majority of this country are supporting and backing ALL of our troops, English and American. God keep them safe and bring them home.
Love from Jacquie
Name: Rory Richardson
Hometown: Kalamazoo,Michigan
Sent: 3.02 pm - tue 18 mar 2003

Thank you for everything you all do and still do for my freedom. God bless all of you for your time, bravery and heroism! My son, Cole, who is 2 years old thanks for , also. You are the true heroes in our lives!

Also-please let me know if there are soldiers in need of a pen pal-I would love to help!

I will do what I can!

Love & Hugs and God bless us during this time!

Rory & Cole
Name: ellen
Hometown: concord, calif
Sent: 11.40 am - tue 18 mar 2003

I am getting ready to participate San Mateo (California, in the San Francisco Bay Area) county's support movement to AirBorne 101. I have already "selected" a name, and will get a care package ready shortly. I am visiting this site to get to know something about Airborne 101. My prayer is with all the families and loved one associated with this unit.

Your courage and strength and real love for this great country humble me.
Name: Barbara
Hometown: Spring Lake, NC
Sent: 11.16 pm - mon 17 mar 2003

My son is with the 327th recently deployed..Mar 1st I am praying for everyone "over there" that you all will be safe.....and that the Dear Lord will protect each and every one of you.....God Bless....
Name: leslie thornton[sonny]
Hometown: Wash.D C
Sent: 8.58 pm - mon 17 mar 2003

just wanted to say hi to everyone.i hope to see everyone at the reunion.Carl told me that several guys from Bco 1st327 will be attending.if anyone that was in Nam 67-68 please bring any copy of any pictures that i could have a copy of as i have nothing from nam.i have to get reunion infor.again.We may fly,we are not sure.i sent in my claim, sent for my medals and for my records a couple of months ago and havent heard from anyone yet.well talk to you soon. Sonny
Hometown: AUBURN, NEW YORK 13021
Sent: 10.36 pm - sun 16 mar 2003

Name: Ken Pfeiffer
Hometown: San Antonio
Sent: 8.32 am - sun 16 mar 2003

Server with 1st Plt C-1/327 from Nov. 66- Aug.67 as rifleman and Machine Gunner. As always - ABOVE THE REST
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admin admin wrote on March 12, 2003 at 8:00 pm
Name: bill fehlhaber (chief)
Hometown: san diego
Sent: 10.48 am - wed 12 mar 2003

to Roger Huffman/ref ur msg 2/26...wes byrd in st louis, johnny johnson in cincinnati, mike carrasco in san francisco, as of last known locations. So how ya doing? Hope that all is well. I just found this site last week. billf
Sent: 7.19 am - wed 12 mar 2003

Hometown: saratoga nc
Sent: 11.24 pm - tue 11 mar 2003

looking for anybody from 1st 327 inf ABU 2nd plt. from 1965-1966. ABOVE THE REST. looking for DAVID ELDRIDGE, CURTIS TAYLOR, GENE LAHAIE. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE REUNION. EMAIL ME AT
Name: Donna Douglas
Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Sent: 7.32 pm - tue 11 mar 2003

I want to let you all know how proud I am to have you out there for me and my family. My prayers are with you every day for a safe return.
Name: mike cline
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
Sent: 11.09 pm - mon 10 mar 2003

1968 1969 remember ?
Name: Russ McDonald
Sent: 10.37 pm - mon 10 mar 2003

Markham, you are doing a great job putting the Leaf Chronicle columns on the website, that way the troops who have access to a computer can keep up with what the reporters are saying about them. We just read Harriet's account of her trip to Ft Campbell and we are sorry that we did not know that she was there or having problems with Motels/Hotels we live less than 45 minutes from Ft. Campbell and would have been happy to have her stay with us.
Name: Chris Bayless
Hometown: Sylmar, CA
Sent: 4.42 pm - sun 9 mar 2003

I was in C Company/327th from June 66 till June 67. I was wounded near Tuy Hoa on Sept. 3 1966.(Spent 4 months in hospital in Japan the returned.)I would like to hear from anyone around that time. Sonny Hendrickson, George Lyons(met in hospital) L.C. Harris or anyone else!
Hometown: Cleveland Tn.
Sent: 11.00 am - sun 9 mar 2003

god bless our soldiers an keepthem safe an strong.. don;t let the hollywood bunch get you down the real americans will always be there for you and support you Ron ABOVE THE REST
Name: Robert Mumblow SFC-Ret
Hometown: Chadbourn, NC
Sent: 10.48 pm - sat 8 mar 2003

I served with TF and A Co 1/327 as FO during the peeriod of 67-68. Went to Phan Thiet to join the 506 when they came in Country in Jan 68. I enjoyed my stay with the 1/327 and will never forget the experiance that I gained. Returned back to the 101st in 70-71. ATR
Name: Paul Ferrante
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Sent: 2.47 pm - sat 8 mar 2003

Bill Hall, I just read your message about Song Be. I was the 60 gunner in the 4th plt, the little Italian stallion. I just wanted to say hi. My recollection si that the 3rd plt suffered the most casualties. I spent that day Harland Wineland (Wine-o). God Bless
Name: Mike Ainsworth
Hometown: Benicia, California
Sent: 1.52 pm - fri 7 mar 2003

Sorry to report that JAMES WATSON has passed away from a heart attack this past week.
Jim really loved the 101st and most of all the 1/327. I will miss him and the personel talks we have had from time to time.

ABOVE THE REST your at peace now brother.
Name: james j. brese
Hometown: blasdell, n.y.
Sent: 9.56 am - thu 6 mar 2003

on dec.25,1970,traveling to grandparents by car we heard of the "christmas eve accident"over the car radio.i was 15yrs old then..... dad followed moms death oct of 02,to join my eldest brother tony; i would love to converse with those who knew or knew of tony or can share with me any information of the accident. lovinly,brother jim
Name: Jim McElroy
Hometown: Palm Harbor FL
Sent: 10.19 pm - mon 3 mar 2003

Godspeed and good luck to the brave warriors of the 101st enroute to their new AO. After a tour with MACV, I served in the 1-327 (ATR!)from Feb-Oct as S-2, S-1 and CO, B/1-327 (Song Mao, Duc Pho, Chu Lai,etc).Did another split tour in 69 w/3d Bde (Hue-Phu Bai).As the 1st Bde (Sep), we still have bi-annual re-unions to keep the spirit of the Airborne alive!
Name: Debbie
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Sent: 1.36 pm - mon 3 mar 2003

To all the 327th but most of all to our nephew SPC Phillip Rorex. Be safe and God Bless each and every one of you that you may all return home to your families safe.
Name: H. C. 'Steve' Stevenson
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Sent: 9.55 am - mon 3 mar 2003

I served as Platoon Leader, 2nd platoon C-1/327 from April - August 17, 1967. After being wounded, I was Co C XO, Bn S-3 (Air) and finally commander B-1/327 in late 1968. Above The Rest.
Name: homer grimes
Hometown: round mountain tx.pobox 89 78663
Sent: 5.59 am - mon 3 mar 2003

i was with abu co.1\327 jan.66 i was with 2nd pltoon
wepons sqd was at doc to abu hill. need to talk to some
one who was there bad place also at tuy hue my phu
on machinggun with richard thomas a souix indian.
was wonded in june left to go to headqordes co in p. start pee training instruter in light weapons
Name: Lew Legat
Hometown: Coupeville, WA
Sent: 12.23 am - mon 3 mar 2003

I have a partial copy of the 1/327 unit history. In it there are coordinates given to where units were located from day to day. the corrdinates read YD 682124, YC 564929 and whatever. Anyone out there know what the grid system was so these points can be located on a map?
Lew Legat
B Company 3/68-8/68
Tiger Force 8/68-2/69
Name: Kevin J Gaughan
Hometown: Boston Mass
Sent: 11.19 pm - sun 2 mar 2003

Hey brothers in arms long time no see. I was in Charlie company from May 77-June 84. I am retired and work for Microsoft in Seattle WA. I spent 22 years in total time. My time with the Screaming Eagles was my best and at that time I was snot nosed kid who just turned 18 years old in 77. My brother died in Vietnam during the Tet offensive and I joined to honor him but I ended up staying in longer than expected. I am so proud I served with that division and especially that unit. Most of my squad leaders fought in Vietnam. I myslef fought in the Gulf, and Soamlia. Send me a note if you can.
Hometown: Minneapolis
Sent: 10.50 pm - sun 2 mar 2003

What a great website...
Name: ken angie ihle
Hometown: crossville, tn,
Sent: 6.36 pm - sun 2 mar 2003

Hey guys we are in AL, visiting our son Nick and Sly. Nick and I just walked across FRYERJUMP ZONE at FT. Benning. Wooo 38 years ago I did the same thing. only without the chute. GOD BLESS MEN 1/GUNNER KEN
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admin admin wrote on March 1, 2003 at 8:04 pm
Name: Charles J. Dukes
Hometown: Texas
Sent: 5.49 pm - sun 2 mar 2003

Was with Co. C (Abn) 172nd Inf Bde in Alaska before heading to Nam with B Co (later E (Recon) 2/502, 1st Bde. Was at Duc Pho, Opn Benton, Klamath Falls, Delaware, Nevada Eagle, etc. Finished at A 2/504 at Bragg.
Name: Louis F. Tawney Msg E-8 Retired
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Sent: 4.58 am - sun 2 mar 2003

I would like to thank all those responsible for this fine tribute to all our fallen comrades of the Screaming Eagles that served in Vietnam.

Although I wasn't a member of the 101st, 327th, I was stationed at Fort Campbell back in 1957-59 duty with the 601st Aerial Supply Company before leaving for new assignment to the 549th Aerial Supply Company in Japan from 1960-64, then on to the 5th Special Forces Group S-4 in Nha Trang South Vietnam as the operations NCOIC from 1964-65, and again in 67-68.

I lost a very close friend who was more like a big brother to me during my early military career. His name was Daryle Wayne Batt who served with A Company 1-327th in Thua Thien in 1969, and was killed in action. Daryle Batt left behind his wife and four children who live in Washington State.

I left a remembrance on the Virtual Wall web page and have received a email from one of his buddies who survived the fire fight, telling me that Daryle's aggressive action when trying to brake through the Ambush saved two of his buddies lives. Well knowing Daryle like I did, he would do something like that to protect his men. For no-one could do anything more bravely and unselfishly for his men then to sacrifice his life for them, that is the real meaning of leadership!!!

God Bless men like Daryle Wayne Batt, and all those fine young men who paid the supreme sacrifice for their
Country and their fellow man, and God Bless all the present men serving with the Screaming Eagles in the defense of our Country!

Louis Tawney
Name: Joseph Adcock
Hometown: Madison Heights, VA
Sent: 10.55 pm - sat 1 mar 2003

Interested in contact from any I served with from 101st ABN, 2nd/327th, E company.
Name: Louis Archuletta
Hometown: Florence.Colorado
Sent: 10.09 pm - sat 1 mar 2003

This message is to whom ever may have served or knew my older brother SSG Ray Adam Archuletta KIA 7 Sept 1967. We were not given much detail as to how Ray's last few days with the 101st Airborne brothers. My father was extremly proud of his eldest son as he was the other three. My mother was never the same after his death. Iam sure that if Ray was was able to put Sadam's Insane name on a round he would be happy to do so. All of our family are as proud of Ray and his special brothers he lived with his last few days as my father. If there is any one that would be willing to corrispond with me about Ray I would be happy to do so. I noticed that Dale Hansen submitted his name to the Virtual Wall for posting. Thanks again in advance.
Louis Archuletta
Name: Harvey L. Wilson
Sent: 10.30 am - sat 1 mar 2003

As a platoon leader in Abu on of my most prized possessions is a sand bag Flag signed by the members of the platoon. It is framed and hangs promently in my home. Our Call sign at the time was Caviler. I was privileged to command the 'Tiger Force' for a period of time in 1968. The Battalion Commander at the time was LTC Eilliot 'Bud' Sydnor.
Name: gregg granado
Hometown: phoenix, ariz.
Sent: 9.10 am - sat 1 mar 2003

I served in Abu Co. 1/327 11 July 67 to 11 July 68. Would like to hear from someone who served with me. I was 3rd platoon grenadier. I was the skinny one that packed 70 M-79 rounds, a claymore and a LAW. Sometimes I was volunteered to carry a couple of M-60 belts.
Name: Iain Richard Horwath
Hometown: N.Y. N.Y
Sent: 10.28 pm - thu 27 feb 2003

My father, 1st Lt. Bill Horwath served with 1st platoon 1/327. It is great to see you on the web. Anyone who remembers him, please contact us.
Name: Roger Huffman
Hometown: Shady Spring WV
Sent: 8.45 pm - wed 26 feb 2003

This is a repost. Looking for buddies with A co 1/327th 3rd plt Jan 70-Feb 71. I was an RTO served with Mike C, T-Bone aka Tim Pellicotti,(Joe Perito KIA) Bear aka Larry Strangland, Sgt Stutts, and Lt Lazure, If you know any of these guys please get in touch.GOD Bless our Troops and Brothers and Sisters!!
Name: Jayne Meador Henderson
Hometown: Farmington,Missouri
Sent: 5.14 pm - wed 26 feb 2003

I am looking for anyone who has picture's of my Uncle Billy Meador.He died 4 days before my 5th birthday,I found one picture on the site,but would love to have better ones..And thanks Dewey,you are special in my heart.
Name: Charles Neathery
Hometown: Weatherford, Texas
Sent: 11.11 am - wed 26 feb 2003

Greetings from Texas. It's ice cold here in Cowtown. Wishing all no slack the very best especially the Hawks. Looking for Lt. Baker, Platoon Leader, the Bear. Echo 327. Airborne all the way, Rangers lead the way!
Name: Roger Morris
Sent: 2.47 am - wed 26 feb 2003

Just stopped by to visit. Hadn't checked out the site for awhile. As always I really enjoyed it.

Great work! Thanks to all who contribute!

Name: John P. Marx
Hometown: Hopatcong, NJ 07843
Sent: 12.42 am - wed 26 feb 2003

I am a college student in a Vietnam course. My father was in Vietnam from 6/66 - 7/67. He was B co. 1st Bn 327inf, 1st bat, 101st Airborne. It is very hard for me to talk to him about what happened over there. He was going in for another tour but, thankfully, his injuries during the first year did not let that happen. If anyone can give me a brief history on my fathers division, I would really appreciate it. It is hard to find this information. Thank you.
Name: derikalaboy
Hometown: ORLANDO
Sent: 12.06 am - wed 26 feb 2003

Name: derika
Hometown: orlando
Sent: 11.19 pm - tue 25 feb 2003

my father died january 8,1970 in thua thein south vietnam. I'm looking for anyone who was in his platoon 327th. also a dale hansen. I asm his only daughter derika laboy born in new york, and so was he. my father was jaime laboy . thank you
Name: rene aries
Hometown: no. edwards, ca
Sent: 2.36 pm - tue 25 feb 2003

looking for ackerman, beam, white, all from abu 1/327 and whoever else remembers crazy aries in 68-69
Name: CSM Rick Montcalm
Hometown: Jacksonville FL
Sent: 5.03 am - tue 25 feb 2003

To all the NO SLACK brothers,
Know that the men of NO SLACK stand ready to fight and win- any time, anywhere. Over the last 18 months the soldiers of NO SLACK have constantly pushed the envelope in training to make sure their next 'Rendezvous With Destiny'; will be as successful as yours was. Every new guy in the Battalion knows your history and will never allow the unit to fail or dishonor your memory. We are proud to be walking in the tremendous footsteps of you that have gone before us and set the example.

Take care of yourselves as we finally put to rest the evil in this world.


Rick Montcalm
Name: Ron
Hometown: New Jersey
Sent: 4.46 pm - mon 24 feb 2003

I'm doing research on an incident evolving, C Company, 1st Battalion, 327 Inf, 101st Airborne. Pfc. Alan Bonney was one of the Kia's. The incident was on 5/25/67. It was an action in Quang Ngai province around the area of Duc Pho. A platoon of C Company fought to the top of a nameless hill and was ambushed. Most were killed and those that were alive after, the NVA assassinated. There was a Scout Dog with them by the name of Thunder. He was killed also. When the Kia's were airlifted out off the mountain, they airlifted the Dog out also, to the surprise of the people in the rear receiving the bodies. The commander thought it fitting, as Thunder had a piece of an NVA in his mouth when he was killed. I am trying to identify the dog handler. If you remember this action please contact me.
Name: Mary Ann Norkus
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Sent: 2.34 pm - sun 23 feb 2003

This is from a mother whose son is with the 327th. My prayers are with all of you.
Sent: 7.43 pm - thu 20 feb 2003

Thanks to you guys our unit is still around
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