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327th Infantry E-mail Addresses

Now you can let everyone know your service with the 101st Airborne Division, 327th Infantry with your own personal 327th Infantry email address. You can have your very own email address on our mail servers that comes with many features including spam and virus protection services BEFORE the email hits your desktop.

Imagine your friends and associates getting their emails from your_name_here@327infantry.org. You can show your pride in your service and your support for our veterans by using and having your own 327th Infantry email address!

  • Personal email addresses
  • Professional Spam and Virus Protection
  • Quarantine for Spam Emails
  • User Configuration for Spam Level Settings
  • Webmail For Retrieving Email When Away From Your Computer
  • Pride In Your Service
  • Support For Our Veterans
  • Support For The Upkeep Of www.327infantry.org

Your very own personal 327 Infantry address, with all of the benefits shown above, is available for a small donation of only $25 per year.

To register please


While checking out, look for the bold heading of Additional Information. Right under that you’ll see Order Notes. In the Order Notes box, put your requested (?@327infantry.org) e-mail addy. Soon you’ll be sending and receiving e-mails using your own 327 Infantry account!

Now THIS IS IMPORTANT! Once you sign up for your 327 Infantry Addy, be watching for an e-mail from hannibal@327infantry.org. Check to ensure my commo hasn’t wound up in your spam filter/junk mail. IF you don’t get an e-mail from me within a few days, PLEASE e-mail me. I have important set-up information to give you. Okay . . . we good?

Not associated with the United States Army, the United States government or any of their agencies. The www.327infantry.org website is a veterans website operated by veterans of the 327th Infantry for the benefit of all 327 Infantry veterans, both past and present, and their families.

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