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My name is Don ‘SGT Snuffy’ Smith. Did the 1:50,000 series maps for A Company, 4/3rd Inf, 11th Bde, 23rd Inf. Div (Americal website). I’ve been researching for 21 years now and have around 150 maps done in PDF/JPEG.

Read the article on Mother’s Day Hill and had to go to the map and find a grid coordinates for it. I have the following grid:

Map: Mo Duc 7014-6738-I

Mother’s Day Hill – Nui Hon Vu Hill – Hill 474

Grid Coordinates: BS683353

As an example, click on: Mo Duc

The .pdf is a much smaller file but doesn’t have the clarity of the .jpg. We’re just using it as an example. So if you want the map in high resolution the .jpg is the ticket.

On 14 May 1967, I was in Korea and didn’t turn 18 until 29 May 1967. Volunteered and did my first tour with the 1st Cavalry Division Jul 1968-69. Went back and did my second tour with 23rd Infantry Division (Americal) Aug 1970-71.

Somewhere I missed the concept about ‘Never Volunteer For Anything’.

If any of you guys want digital maps, let me know. These would be for your personal use and are NOT to be sold. I’ve done from the DMZ, down to just below Pleiku and have been working on the maps down around Quan Loi, Phouc Vinh, Bien Hoa, Loc Ninh (areas I was in half of my 1st tour). Made the rotation south and 101st went north.

Don ‘SGT Snuffy’ Smith
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Here is some useful information for the maps. Just click on the link but you’ll need Acrobat.

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