327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry Regiment


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I was in Bulgaria last week for work. In Sofia. Had a chance to go by their national army museum No Slack! Dutch
3B 2/327th Bulgaria Training 4.28.23

UK’s Living History Dutch with the 50 cal

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C-1/327 Reunion – Old codgers from C 1/327th gathered at Brownsville, TX for a few days during spring break. Kneeling left to right: Ernie Salinas living in Houston, TX Me (Roy Aguero) Dan Porter from Wisconsin The man kneeling with two hats is Pat McManus, Jr. His father was Pat McManus Sr. a engineer who traveled with the company CP. He passed away this past August. We gathered together for a wake for him on St. Patrick’s Day. Standing left to right: Roger Morris, (light shirt) was our platoon sergeant. He ended up retiring in Germany as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 and is living there. He has 100 acres out in the sticks in Florida and some of us gather there twice a year. I’m going to meet up with him next week for about three weeks and take it easy. We do a lot of shooting and hunting hogs and enjoy life. Walter Jackson (dark t shirt) was a 60 gunner and later went to Tigers. He retired as a Major in Special Forces and lives in Boise, Idaho. Hank Ortega (light green shirt) was a medic. After he ETSed he went to medical school and was a PA for many years and now lives in Kerrville, TX. He patched up a lot of our guys when we took Veghel in ’68. Phil Blevins (black t shirt) and I went to AIT and jump school together and ended up in C Co. He later went to Tigers. He lives in Oklahoma. Michael O’Connel (green shirt) was a 60 gunner also. He ended up as a prosecuting attorney in Maryland. John Blair was a medic also. He lives in Virginia. The foxholes are getting further and farther apart as the years go by my friends.

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