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From Dutch with our UK’s “No Slack” Living History Group 8.13.23 . . .

Hi everyone,

Proud to say we were able to put on a nice display at a new show called Operation Market Harborough. Sadly Saturday was a monsoon but Sunday made up for it all.  If all goes well we will do another one in the last weekend of August.

Thanks for your support as always!
No Slack



Following Saber Guardian, the Platoon deployed to Western Romania for continued partner training with the 33rd Mountain BN. For the first week the Platoon Sergeants lead training in Squad Ambush, and integrated Romanians into our Squads for the execution of the Practical Exercises. For the second week we were learning climbing and rappelling techniques from the climbing specialists in 33rd BN. We finished off the second week with a barbecue where the Romanians cooked traditional Romanian dishes for us! The Platoon meshed very well with the Romanians, and it was an excellent opportunity to execute training that was a little different from what we are used to.

Yesterday, B Co left for Kosovo. They will spend the next 8-12 weeks there, at Camp Bondsteel. Their mission is to finish out Operation Enduring Welcome, facilitating passage of Afghan refugees to safety in Europe!

Fix Bayonets!

1LT Calvin D. Pieper, IN
Mortar Platoon Leader
HHC/2-327 IN “No Slack”

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I was in Bulgaria last week for work. In Sofia. Had a chance to go by their national army museum No Slack! Dutch
3B 2/327th Bulgaria Training 4.28.23

Some OLD Gallery Pictures

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UK’s Living History Dutch with the 50 cal

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C-1/327 Reunion – Old codgers from C 1/327th gathered at Brownsville, TX for a few days during spring break. Kneeling left to right: Ernie Salinas living in Houston, TX Me (Roy Aguero) Dan Porter from Wisconsin The man kneeling with two hats is Pat McManus, Jr. His father was Pat McManus Sr. a engineer who traveled with the company CP. He passed away this past August. We gathered together for a wake for him on St. Patrick’s Day. Standing left to right: Roger Morris, (light shirt) was our platoon sergeant. He ended up retiring in Germany as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 and is living there. He has 100 acres out in the sticks in Florida and some of us gather there twice a year. I’m going to meet up with him next week for about three weeks and take it easy. We do a lot of shooting and hunting hogs and enjoy life. Walter Jackson (dark t shirt) was a 60 gunner and later went to Tigers. He retired as a Major in Special Forces and lives in Boise, Idaho. Hank Ortega (light green shirt) was a medic. After he ETSed he went to medical school and was a PA for many years and now lives in Kerrville, TX. He patched up a lot of our guys when we took Veghel in ’68. Phil Blevins (black t shirt) and I went to AIT and jump school together and ended up in C Co. He later went to Tigers. He lives in Oklahoma. Michael O’Connel (green shirt) was a 60 gunner also. He ended up as a prosecuting attorney in Maryland. John Blair was a medic also. He lives in Virginia. The foxholes are getting further and farther apart as the years go by my friends.

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