Bravo Company

327 Infantry Veterans

B-2/327th Infantry “No Slack” Vietnam

2/327th Infantry “No Slack” Vietnam

Platoon Pictures 1967

Bravo Company 327 Infantry

First Row L-R: Sgt. Knight (KIA 1-21-68), Varner, Evangelist, Smight, Ware, Lunog, ?, Sgt. Cashier (Silver Star 10-5-67)
Second Row L-R: Lt. Finnuchan, ?, Guynn, Burks WIA (1-21-68), Montague, Matters, Alvarado, Hodges, Azarra, Trumbly, Izard, Morales, SSG Fredrico Corea (call sign Jaguar)
Third Row L-R: ?, McAvie, ?, ?, Hill, Wilcock, Brady, ?, ?, ?, McCoy

Bravo Company 327 Infantry

Back Row – L/R: Arthur Gadsden, James Boan, Richard Wyatt, Bud Blalock, ?, ?, Joseph Hill, Skeeter Williams, Delmar Boss, ?, David Burduson.
Middle Row – L/R: John Vaughn, Plt. Ldr. (Lucky One), Rod Castellaja, Joseph Laverty, Ron Vancil, ?, ?, Robert Russell, Canuto Montano, Alan Cooper, ?, Kenneth Szot, ?.
Front Row – L/R: Richard Guerrero, Michael Roberts, Oscar Gallegos (Sudden Death) ?, Rufus Doctor, Richard Gates, Daniel Gonzales, Jess Cruz, Jimmy Flores (Poncho).
Other names I can’t associate with a face – Gary Whiddon, Tim Jackson, Mathis Banks, James Patterson, Lawrence Pope.

Jimmy Flores (Poncho) was WIA on 2-24-68 at the same time as I. He died on 3-11-68. David Burduson, RTO, was also KIA on 2-24-68. Oscar Gallegos (Sudden Death) and Richard Guerrero were both KIA on 5-11-68 in the A Shau Valley.

I recognized a few names on the B Company Roster:
John Vaughn. He was my Platoon Leader. Call sign “Lucky One.”
Snyder, he was the Company Clerk.
Babbitt, E-4 Rifleman. He was wounded numerous times.
Antonio (Tony) Lugo.
Jimmy Flores, Squad Leader, call sign “Poncho.” WIA 2-24-68 and died 3-11-68 as results of wounds.
Oscar Gallegos, Squad Leader, call sign “Sudden Death.” KIA 5-11-68.
Sheppard, Captain. Our C.O. Call sign “Green Hornet,” I think.
Miller, Captain. Our C.O. Call sign “Rattlesnake,” I think.

James Boan

Lynn's Platoon Vietnam '67(1)
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