H & HC

327 Infantry Veterans

2/327th Infantry “No Slack” Vietnam

Headquarters & Headquarters Company

Original Hawk Recon Members ’65/’66


Left – Right/Top – Bottom

Lt. Johnson; SP/4 Weed; SP/4 Butler; PSG Geo. (Bill) Day; SGT Antonich; PFC Kroeger; SP/4 Stepp; SP/5 Smith; PFC Raliegh; Sgt. Davis; SP/4 Lilly; SP/4 Baskett; SP/4 Lafferty; SP/4 Foster; PFC Stiles; SP/4 Vester; SP/4 French; SP/4 McHugh; SP/4 Hamey; SP/4 Moore;

Missing due to wounds: SP/4 DeBonis; SP/4 Campbell; SSG Ipock (Squad Leader); SP/4 Scaiffe

HHC Medics ’66/’67


Above: Medic Platoon/Tuy Hoa in 1966 (or ’67) sometime after Trung Luong. Back right Janus; Patterson; ?; Luther Ambrose; Ken Gates; 4th from left – Delbridge; next to him Bagley. All were on Hill 258 Trung Luong. Middle right: Brown; Mac; Will Young; ?; Sesma: Battle? and far left – Marshall.

Front row all worked at the battalion Aid Station. Far right Clark; Clark; Medical Service Officer; the Battalion Surgeon is third from left and next to him is the supply officer from the 4th Infantry, Dyke, a legg. But, in Kontum he made five jumps and became Airborne; And far left DuBuse?

Recon Platoon 1966

Left to Right – Front row: English, Sherwood, Morehouse, Thorberg, Skuza, McGiver, Sylvester. Middle row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Ewing, Meyer, ?.

Top row: Westerman, ?, Crane, Ursillo, Karpuska, Copeland, Molesko, Slade, Jones

Hawks of 1967

Left to Right. Kneeling: Stock, Jones, Westerman, Morales. Standing front row: Paschall, ?, Kirst, Sylvester, Meyer, ? Copeland, Karpuska, Bowen. Back row: Molesko, Moses, ?, ?, Morehouse, ?, McGiver, Ewing, Goodwin, ?, Childress.

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