Day: September 16, 2022

327 Infantry Veterans

War Dogs

My last day in the field was doing a recon with my squad, a dog and his handler. The mission ended abruptly when we encountered a large wasp nest (improvised NVA weapon system :-)) Everyone was stung at least once, but the poor dog was brutalized by the attack. I lost consciousness due to an […]

Hip Shoot from the A Shau

OK Guys, By Request, I ain't in to blowing my own Horn. I Opened FSB Currahee on 9 March 1969. (LTC Art Deverill and SGM Joe Rodriguez and I with a Chopper Driver "Spookie Waltz" made the initial Recon PM March The 8th) My Battery had been split between WHIP and LASH prior to that. [...]
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