Hip Shoot from the A Shau

327 Infantry Veterans

OK Guys, By Request, I ain’t in to blowing my own Horn.

I Opened FSB Currahee on 9 March 1969. (LTC Art Deverill and SGM Joe Rodriguez and I with a Chopper Driver “Spookie Waltz” made the initial Recon PM March The 8th) My Battery had been split between WHIP and LASH prior to that.

We were controlling Battery for the “Prep” on to what Became Known as Hamburger Hill. and fired almost 24-7 in support of the Rakkasan’s Indeed for a period of Time “Black Jack” Honeycutt stopped all other firing as we were danger close and he insisted on the 155 Accuracy.

After the NVA retreated from the Hill, the Radar boys picked them up Moving on the Laotian Side of the river and seemingly trying to get behind us. We couldn’t (Legally) Fire in to Laos at that time and they were almost out of Range, so I got together 2 548’s belonging to the SP Boys, R Rhone Plows, Belonging to the Engineers, Hooked 2 Guns behind the plows, Filled the 548’s with Ammo, asked (and got) a Bunch of red leg Volunteers, Hauled ass south down the Floor of the ah shau, Set up a Hip shoot, and unloaded all we had into what was a suspected Base camp. Then Hauled ass Back to Currahee, Walt Tangel was My XO at the time, and he used My Camera to film our departure and return, which I now have on VHS, When Art Deverill saw this VHS about 3 Years ago ( HE was The Bn Co at the time) he was aghast as he never new we did it until that day. BUT we never did get hit from that direction again

Roger H Dent
Capt Commanding B-2-11 FA Airmobile (in Those Days)
Hope y’all got a lil enjoyment outa my story

Roger, and everyone!

Yes, I recall Roger driving out with a couple of our 155’s hitched up to Rome Plows. And Stomper was aghast when he saw the film a few years ago.

It is probably good he didn’t know all that went on! There is also film of Roger getting into the front seat of a Cobra and flying a hot mission out of Currahee. Stomper didn’t know about that one, either. I can attest that Roger Dent was the most hard core, innovative BC in 101st DIVARTY. Roger, tell all about spelling out the letter “B” with smoke rounds high in the sky. I bet the BN S-3 didn’t clear that mission!

I remember we closed with the split battery from Whip and Lash on 9 MAY 69? My half of Bravo Battery (From FSB Whip, maybe via Birmingham?) got in at dark, late, because air assets were in short supply. It was the first time we had set up in a flat area, in the dark, with little or no security and no wire. Elephant grass all around, aiming stakes outside our perimeter area.

We had Glenn Scarboro’s “Pure Hell” gun opcon to us from Charlie Battery, 2/11th FA. Most of Charlie was up on FSB Airborne. May 10th was the beginning of the “Hill” operation and the rest is history.

I hope we all can get together and share”war stories” again this May at Ft. Campbell at the Hamburger Hill get-together during the Week of the Eagles.

Walter Tangel
aka “High Angle Tangel”
B, 2/11th FA ’68 – ’69

Folks Walter hit the nail right on the head. While we was with Bravo I do not remember doing this but I had a thing about Lanyard I did not like have all that rope so I would take it off in fast Fire Mission and it was called Fanning the gun which Col Deveril did not care for and it was also against regulations. Walter, two guns of C btry were still at Bechtesgaden while we was with your men, you had one or two up there also. We spent first night with B btry in bomb crater.

On Time Glenn

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