Month: March 2022

327 Infantry Veterans

Featured Comments

Featured Comments   The following are a selection of the many comments we receive from veterans, their families, and just some interested folks who took the time to find our website. This page will change from time to time as comments are brought to our attention. Please keep coming back for a current sitrep. The […]

Delta Air Strike

Delta Air Strike   August 10, 1968 2nd battalion’s newly formed “Delta Company” was decimated by their own air strike. Eight were killed and over 50 wounded. Posted here are stories from a few that were there that awful day:   Ben Costello, Delta Company Machinegunner- As I recall the incident began mid-afternoon or so […]

FSB Tomahawk

FSB Tomahawk Brothers, A few years back, maybe even before the 327th Vietnam Eagles web site was launched in 2000 we had a pretty good discussion on the two attacks on FSB Tomahawk that took place almost a year apart in June of 1969 and 1970. At the time we had the discussion thread going […]

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