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The following are a selection of the many comments we receive from veterans, their families, and just some interested folks who took the time to find our website. This page will change from time to time as comments are brought to our attention. Please keep coming back for a current sitrep.

The editor’s of the “327 Infantry” reserve the right to edit comments for brevity; though some may remain in their full text.


I thought I would share this so you can tell all your buddies that this site does work, this is the second response that I have received since I posted it.
Roger Huffman

Mr. Huffman<

I hope this email finds you safe and well.

My name is Pete Adler. I came across your name and email address when searching the internet to see if I could find any info regarding a very good friend of mine who was killed in Vietnam — Joe Perito. I found your “tribute” to him listed at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website. Great photo! I have forwarded the photo and the website info to several life-long friends. It was great to see a pic of the typical Joe that we all remember, smiling and flipping the bird.

I grew up with Joe in Follansbee. I can’t ever remember not knowing Joe but I imagine we first met when I was in first grade and he was in second grade at St. Anthony’s School. I still have so many great memories of Joe. After all these years, I still think that maybe I’ll turn a corner and run into him on the street one of these days. But, sadly, that’ll never happen.

I was a junior at WVU in Morgantown, eating lunch at the fraternity house when John Blakley, another Follansbee guy and a buddy of Joe, came rushing into the dining room and told me that Joe had been killed. I’ll never, ever forget that moment. Shock. Disbelief. Anger. Sadness. Helplessness. Damn!!

I was wondering — in the photo that you posted, is that T-Bone Pelliciotti in the middle? Kinda looks like him. I understand that T-Bone is living in St. Clairsville, OH these days but, to be honest, I haven’t seen him in ages. (I moved to Texas in 1973 and have lived here since, visiting the old homestead on rare occasions.)

I’m told that T-Bone was never quite the same guy after he returned from Vietnam, a sadly familiar tale, I’m sure. He would never speak much about Joe’s death but, on one occasion in late ’72 before I left Follansbee, he and I and another friend had been imbibing at a local bar and, with a few too many brews under his belt, T-Bone began mumbling about Joe’s death being “unnecessary” and that he (Joe) should have known better. I’m not sure what all that meant, but I know that T-Bone was very bitter about the death of his buddy. I don’t remember the details of Joe’s death — I’m thinking that maybe he stepped on a mine (?) — and wonder if you can shed any light on this after all these years.

At any rate, thank you for posting the photo of Joe. I have forwarded it on to many of our friends who have gotten a kick out of it. Thanks for the smile you’ve provided us.
Pete Adler
Corpus Christi, TX

Hello to all and a heartfelt “Thank you” for your service. I am a “living historian”, i.e. reenactor, whose primary impression is that of a WWII soldier of the 327th Glider Infantry. I also have reenacted the 325th Glider Infantry (82nd A/B) and a medic of the 6th Naval Beach Battalion. This past spring a fellow 327th reenactor and I set up a display for the Spring reunion of the Michigan Chapter 101st Airborne Association. I am now an associate member of the 101st Association, as well as the 325th Glider Infantry Association, and the 6th Beach Battalion Association. My father served in the Navy during WWII, as did I during the Cold War. Because of my fathers service and the friendships I have with many WWII veterans, my principal area of study has been WWII. Too young to remember the Vietnam War personally, and having had no immediate family members who served at that time, I must admit that I know very little about the war. Seeing “We Were Soldiers” and having now read the book that the movie was based on, has inspired me to learn more. It has also gotten me thinking about putting together a display for living history purposes. Being I already have a display for the WWII 327th, I felt it appropriate that I follow along with the 327th for Vietnam. The very first place I came to when I began my research was this web site. Here is where I first learned of the many battles and the long service the 327th had in Vietnam, and it was here where I have read and reread so many personal accounts of the men who served. It shames me that until now I had never heard of the places where you fought, foremost in my mind is Trung Luong. How is it that we are not taught about these places that American boys fought and gave their lives?

Many of you may think, “Oh, a reenactor. A wannabe soldier.” It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. When I don the uniform of an American soldier, and set up a display for the public, I always think of the men I am representing, especially those who have fallen in combat. This is my way of teaching others about the men, the equipment they used, the battles and wars they fought in, and the sacrifice that they made for our nation and our freedom. I do this out of respect for the men I am representing, and to hopefully pass on that respect and knowledge to someone else. The sacrifices that have been made for us, we can not be allowed to be forgotten. I believe that especially is true in the case for you who served in Vietnam. I will continue my research on the 327th so that I can properly pass that knowledge along. I’m already looking forward to next years Spring reunion of the MI Chptr. 101st Association, and to having other opportunities to help pass along the memory of your service, and those that died, at every opportunity I am given.

From the bottom of my heart I again thank you for what you have done for our country, and for us. God bless you, and keep those who died for us. You have my most solemn gratitude.

Sent: Wed Sep 4 22:10:19 2002
Name: David Bronson
E-mail: glidertroop325@att.net
Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Name: Rick Email: ironmano311@aol.com
Homepage: http://www.3onevet.com/
Hometown: Ohio
Sent: 10.37 – 10/9 2002

To all my friends here in the “N/S ATR Second to None.”

Although we served in different branches of the military, I would like to say that having gotten to know quite a few of you through email and Internet contact, and, having gone on some “missions” with you as a result. In conducting those Internet “missions” the professionalism, dedication, and tenacity of the men in this unit has shown through countless times. I am very grateful and proud to have “served’ with you in that role.

I can think of no other Army unit that I would have been more honored to go into battle with in a combined service operation “back in the day”.

Enjoy life – We Earned It


Rick DeMarco
Sgt of Marines
3/1 Marines
I Corps-RVN 66-67

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  1. HAWK RECON 1971

  2. Would like to know about the member of 1st Bn 327th 101st named : Henry “Groovy” Olney

    Came at 1967 and served to B/1/327/101

    Thanks mucu please help

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