Troopers Category: E Company

327 Infantry Veterans

Osgood, William (Doc)

Vietnam 2nd battalion William (Doc) Osgood A and E (Hawks) Companies 1968 - 1969 Lucky me ... 2/327 Co A at first then Hawks, and 1 week around June 6 - 3/187th until July 69. Then 75th Rangers at Fort Benning, then 509th ... Germany! I 'served' with 509th ABN in old SS headquarters [...]

Malone, James Wayne

Vietnam 2nd battalion Malone, James Wayne E Company 1971 - 1972 D5/46th-198th LIB (Americal Div.) Grunt Feb '71-May '71; 71st AHC (Americal Div.) Door Gunner Gunship May '71-Sep '71; E-2/327 (101st ABN Div.) Hawk Recon, Sept '71-Jan '72 Back to the Troopers

Zuver, James

Vietnam 2nd battalion James Zuver E Company 1970 - 1971 I got to Vietnam in March of 1970 and was at T-hawk in the FDC for 2/327 E-CO, mortars as a Spec 4. I was down at Phu Loc District when the sappers hit T-hawk in June of '70. I remember the KIA was [...]

Neathery, Charles

Vietnam 2nd battalion Charles Neathery E Company 1971 - 1972 Hola. I had the pleasure of meeting you guys at a little airport when it was raining cats and dogs for a jump or two that day but that was the only time I had to spend with you guys. You certainly have all [...]
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