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327 Infantry Veterans

Makua, Malcolm

Vietnam 2nd battalion Malcolm Makua E Company 1969 - 1970 Malcolm Makua Apr 69 at OP 56 which was right next to Camp Eagle Back to the Troopers

Jackson, Walter

Vietnam 2nd battalion Walter Jackson C, E (TF) Companies 1967 - 1969 E 2/327 1969 I was in C Co 1/327 from July 67 thru July 68. Quite a Year. Tiger Force from November of 68 thru Feb 69 and with the Hawks from May of 69 thru August 1969. Superb units each! Went [...]

Lindley, Edwin M.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Edwin M. Lindley E Company 1969 - 1970 1969-70 Nam. Started with 3/506 E company LZ English I went North with them. Assigned 2/327 HHQ Company Hawk Recon I think some time in 4/70. Sgt. Ed Lindley Back to the Troopers

Hoy, Jerry

Vietnam 2nd battalion Jerry Hoy E Company 1970 - 1971 I got to RVN on 11-13-70 left 11-15-71. I was sent to Camp Eagle 11-15-70 and at that time I volunteered for Hawk Recon. Around June 15th, 1971 I was pulled from the field and was put into Headquarters on the fire bases as [...]

Hall, Gordie

Vietnam 2nd battalion Gordie Hall E Company 1969 - 1970 Gordie Hall, Sgt., US53708041, Vn service May 69 thru Sept. 70, FDC motors Echo Company, 2/327, fire bases and bridge compounds on Highway 1 between Phu Bai and Da Nang. Radio handle "Bell Bottoms", bought a set of camo fatigues in Troy village and [...]

Bynum, Bobby

Vietnam 2nd battalion Bobby Bynum E Company 1969 - 1970 Bobby passed here at home late Friday (12-17-10) night from heart failure   Date Inducted: Jun 24 69 Basic Training: Fort Bliss, TX Infantry Training: Tacoma, WA Specialty Number and Training: 11C20 Inf Ind, Fire Crewman Stationed: Locations between Hue and DaNang Decorations: National Defense [...]

Brown, Randy “Doc”

Vietnam 2nd battalion Randy ``Doc`` Brown E Company 1970 - 1971 Feel free to call me "DOC", I picked up that handle with the 2/327. To my family and friends it has always been "DOC BROWN" and am very proud of it. Not every medic gets the handle of "DOC". My guys loved me [...]
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