Troopers Category: 1st Battalion

327 Infantry Veterans

Jeppeson, Martin

Vietnam 1st Battalion Martin Jeppeson H & H (TF) Company 1967 - 1968 I enlisted February '66, and sailed from Oakland 12/27/66 to Cam Ranh Bay. Joined the 1st Bde MP platoon around March/April '67, and joined the Tigers soon after with three others, (Sullivan, Edwards & McDonald). Picture below was taken somewhere near [...]

Gratton, Dave

Vietnam 1st Battalion Dave Gratton H & H (TF) Company 1965 - 1966 I served with the 1st 327th Inf. Bn. from December 1965 until May of 1966 as battalion radio operator. I joined Tiger Force in May 1966 and served with them until I got my orders to go back to the world [...]

Foley, Dennis

Vietnam 1st Battalion Dennis Foley H & H (TF) Company 1965 - 1966 I was sent to the 1/327th as a replacement for the original batch off company grade officers who deployed with the brigade from Campbell. I was a former NCO, OCS grad who arrived in country Dec of 65 and was [...]

Field, David M. “Fang”

Vietnam 1st Battalion David M. ``Fang`` Field E (TF) Company 1968 - 1969 I arrived in Vietnam in December 1967 with the 1/502. I was transferred to Tiger Force in April, 1968 just in time for the assault on Veghel. I was a squad leader with the Tigers until I made SSG in DEC [...]
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