Thomas Jr., John C.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Thomas Jr., John C.
1st Battalion,ECHO Troops,Tiger Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

John C. Thomas Jr.

E (TF) Company 1969 – 1970

My brother served in Viet Nam from July ’69-July ’70.

He was killed in a car crash in April of ’88.

He never really talked about the war, just about the friends he’d made and how close all you guys were. I guess when you face death every day for a year you just grasp and hold on!

I have contacted several of his friends and am very grateful for your site and visit it often. God bless all of you vets and it breaks my heart that you guys didn’t come home to a hero’s welcome.

It’s not that I approve of the current war, I feel that it’s gone on long enough, but I have respect for every soldier that has fought in every war. My dad was in WWII, wounded at the Bulge, and I would love to hear those war stories just one more time.

Take care of yourselves and remember that you are all heroes in our minds and hearts.


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