Ortega, Hank (Doc)

327 Infantry Veterans
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Ortega, Hank (Doc)
1st Battalion,Cobra Troops,ECHO Troops,H&HC Troops,Tiger Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Hank (Doc) Ortega

H & H, C, E (TF) Companies 1968



I was a medic with C 1/327th from 2/68 until July or so when I went out with the Tigers.

I was part of the taking of Veghel, and other events that marked my life seriously.

My time with the Tigers was the high point of my tour, and probably the only reason I got home.

I am currently a Physician Assistant practicing Emergency Medicine.

I used to do Mountain Rescue and was a Rescue Paramedic for awhile.

I am married and have three sons in college.

Doc Ortega
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