FSB Kim Qui

327 Infantry Veterans


Fire Support Base Kin Qui

Kim Qui, FSB (YD 584-036) a.k.a. Hill 642. Apx 21 km SSW Ap Lai Bang, 33 km WSW Phu Bai, 2 km SE FSB Binh Dinh, 3.5 km due E FSB Veghel, 7 km SW FSB Bastogne. Joint 1st/327th Inf/101st Abn and 3d/54th ARVN Rgt FSB, Apr-May71. Also spelled Quy, Quay and Quee, but Qui apparently correct. During Lam Son 720, beginning Apr ’71, 326th Eng built FSBs Co Pung, Binh Dinh and Kim Qui with 327th Inf providing security. Per Hoang Nguyen, ‘Kim Qui’ means ‘Golden Turtle,’ and he adds that, “The turtle is one of four ‘revered’ animals in VN: Long (dragon), ly (unicorn-like animal), qui (turtle, and phu+o+.ng (phoenix).” Also listed at YD 58-03. Grid/data courtesy Cliff Snyder. Thua Thien Pr, I Corps.

This material is an excerpt from “Where We Were – A Comprehensive Guide to the Firebases and Military Installations of the Vietnam War”, scheduled for publication by Hellgate Press in 2002

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