FSB Hill 88

327 Infantry Veterans


Fire Support Base Hill 88 (aka FSB Denise)

Disassembly of Hill 88 around April ’69

Hill 88, once a Marine Corp stronghold, was located between FB Roy and FB Los Banos off Highway 1. This was home to Delta 2/327 and the Kentucky National Guard (2/138) with their 155 SP’s in late ’68 and early ’69. Many successful sniper operations, ambushes, patrols and camaraderie were conducted from this location.

God Bless those NG’s, their movies and their guns!

From: Hawk abn327@comcast.net

Some poor quality video of some areas you may remember. Brief view of Kentucky NG, SP155’s at Hill 88. Also, FSB Roy, Bastogne and others:


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