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327 Infantry Veterans

Adcock, Joseph

Vietnam 2nd battalion Joseph Adcock E Company 1969 - 1971 I am attempting to help my Dad locate individuals he served with in Vietnam. His name is Joseph Adcock. He served from 69-71 with 101st ABN, 2/327th, E Co. Ring any bells? If so, please respond. Thanks, Tamatha Ley Back to the Troopers

Teece, John F.

Vietnam 2nd battalion John F. Teece D, E Companies 1971 - 1972 I served with Co. D, 2/327th Inf from March,1971 till October, then I transferred to Co. E, 1/327th Inf until the early withdrawls brought me home in January, 1972. I joined the Army as soon as I turned 18 and quit high [...]

Risner, Jerry T.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Jerry T. Risner D, E Companies 1969 - 1970 I started in D company in Sept 69. Transferred to E company February or so. I worked in Mortars in E company at the bridges along Hwy 1 bridge 9 I think and even 5 for a while. I carried the M-60 [...]

Ramos, Nelson “Chico”

Vietnam 2nd battalion Nelson ``Chico`` Ramos D, E Companies 1968 - 1969 Hannibal, Do you really think you can hook me up with some of the brothers that were in D 2/327 during the airstrike? Here's what I can remember: I got in country (1st tour) MAY 1968 I was processed into Delta Co. [...]

Nerney, Tom “Streak”

Vietnam 2nd battalion Tom ``Streak`` Nerney D, E Companies 1968 - 1969 this is a remembrance of young men sent to war falling down hills bleeding into dusty dust-offs wading streams and rivers laughing at laughing at whatever why don't they pick us up this is a poem of men of middle age back [...]

Campbell, Dave “Doc”

Vietnam 2nd battalion Dave ``Doc`` Campbell D, E Companies 1971 - 1972 I was in the 3rd platoon of Delta for my first 4 or 5 months before going to recon. It says on the back of the picture I've attached that it was taken on FB King 7-71. I'd been in country a [...]

Brakel, Garvin F.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Garvin F. Brakel D, E Companies 1968 - 1969 Co D 2nd Bn 327th Inf Nov 68 - Apr 69, MACV Advisory Team 90 72-73 L-R: Lieutenants Bill Drypolcher and Garvin F. Brakel; Captain Lester "Red" Walkley; Lieutenant "Ranger" Tom Carpenter Back to the Troopers
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