Photos – Pre Vietnam

327 Infantry Veterans

Photos – Pre Vietnam

327 Road Runner’s (1962)

Echo Co. 327 4th platoon weapons squad – Ft. Campbell KY.

327 1962

The road runner mascot came from the ability to travel by foot, fast and far!

“I think Richie ( radio oper . lower right corner ) gave this to me when I was getting really short maybe 6 or 7 days before I got out, not sure how I managed to hold on to this pic. for all these years !

If I am guessing right (Bill Bell) that’s you leaning against the 3.5 on the right – Scott on the left was the other 3.5 guy, me in the middle Ryan on my right – Restrepo down front the other guys names escape me over the years.”


ps. What is not visible in this photograph are the two m-60 machine guns.

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