Phan Rang 1967

327 Infantry Veterans

2/327th Infantry “No Slack” Vietnam

Phan Rang 1967

Early December 1967

First Platoon

Second Platoon

Back, L-R: George Myers; Sammy Kennett; Lewis; Guy A. Rozanski; Clarence McNail; Bob Gallegos; Jerome Morgan; Robert Cuerette; Hallowell; Knox; Hall; ?; Blondell Hill; Larry Cota; Paul D. Lang_ _; ?; ?; Michael Robinette; Stepehn Gibbens; Robert Hansen
Front, L-R: Frank Connerty; Michael J. Feagan: Gus Sterling Jr.; Lt. Davie Myers; Ralph Lane; Richard Bathurst; Sgt. Harper; Albert Burcioja

Not shown that day: Richard Knight; Michael Wilson: Richard Walsh: Stan Lyons

Additional I.D.’s (First Platoon) from Chapman Burgess –Nov. 67 Phan Rang.

Left to right and not counting the kneeling men- Gerry Lesmeister–Sgt. Tom Pennington–Reid–Cruz–(behind Cruz, unknown)–Avery–Neethammer–Nolin–Gus Vass–Dave Gray–Orestis Naselaris–Sgt. J. Davis–“Arkansas”(probably never knew his real name any better than the Army did!)–SSgt. Cress–partially showing behind SSgt. Cress is the African warrior Mitchell—Crane–(unknown unless it is a Sgt. Ortiz)–Tony Luckie–Joiner–Sgt. Hawkins–Baker.

Kneeling—Lt. Baney–Gary Sievers–(Jerry?) Reynolds–SSgt. Jones

Missing–Chapman Burgess–Fred Biddell–Sammy Wells–Starkey–SFC. Larry–Sgt. Russell–David Gordon, Garcia and how about a PFC Russell????

Headquarters Group

Front row, L-R: unknown, Cpt Jesse Myers, 1sg Ben Weldon, Alphabet?

Back row, L-R: unknown, unknown, unknown, Big Alphabet?, unknown, skinny Sgt Mel Valentine

Third Platoon

Fourth Platoon

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