C Company

327 Infantry Veterans

2/327th Infantry “No Slack” Vietnam

Charlie Company

Back, L-R: Mike Mondea (deceased) Cpt Jesse W. Myers Jr. (SATAN), Dave Gray (RTO), Pee Wee Dobbs (RTO). Front, L-R: Mel Valentine (Commo Chief), Sal Melendez (Head Medic), Brian Redington (Red Leg RTO). CP Group late 67 early 68, C/2/327th.

Monastery near Hue. They were taken during Tet 68. We suspected there was a NVA FO located there. We relieved the monks of several bottles of wine. The Monastery was Benedictine sect of the Catholic Church. Everything there was hand made, the building built by hand, all the wood work, stone work. They grew their own food. It was a beautiful building and grounds. A lot of the damage was done by naval gunfire from the New Jersey. That was the only place I saw Pine trees in Nam. NFS! Bulldog

SFC Larry
SFC Larry
SFC Larry & Capt. Lind near Phu Bai
L – Bulldog Drummond
3rd Platoon on FB Tomahawk 1969
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