Month: March 2022

327 Infantry Veterans

Kontum Jump

Kontum Jump   Who was it this week talking about the jump in Kontum in 1966? I didn’t think there was anyone out there that remembers those jump. Russ Palm A/2/327 66-67 I had my 19th birthday on the same site of the ambush that killed SGT Kelly and J Elder Hill 1963 if I […]

Old Soldiers Reunite

Old Soldiers Reunite   John Wolfe here {B2nd327} vietnam68-69. I had the honor of serving under both Charlie Beckwith and Charlie Dyke. I was hit pretty bad in an NVA ambush in the mountains somewhere west of Hue, was choppered out to the 22nd med. evac where I had a series of cardiac arrests, {from […]

Our Memories

Our Memories   When I came in country in May of 1967 I went through p-training in Phan Rang. Sgt. Welker went through p-training at the same time, along with Cipriani, Dominguez and others. We ended up going to A Company, 1st of the 327th together. Cipriani was killed in action within a few weeks […]

Chinook Crash

Chinook Crash 11/28/71   At 1115 hours, 28 Nov 1971, C Co, 159th Avn Bn, 101st Abn Div (ABL) received a mission from the Battalion Operations Center (BOC) to provide two aircraft for an administrative troop move from LZ 401 at Da Nang to Corregidor Pad at Camp Eagle. The company operations officer, assigned CW2 […]

FSB Birmingham

FSB Birmingham To read or print a link in PDF format you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. The program is free and you can download and install it on your computer by going to After you have installed Acrobat Reader you can click on the images for easier reading. The documents are […]


C-Rations It hurts my heart that so many are spending so much time digging up and reliving the ugly side of our experiences instead of the good sides. War sucks. Thank God we had turkey loaf and B-1 units with peaches or pears! Bad stuff happens, ladies. In the Napoleonic wars and in the US […]

Eye Witness Accounts

Bruce, I can confirm that PFCs James E. Farrar and Earl W. Goodall were both assigned to ABU, 1/327th when they were KIA as was Lt. Kenneth G. Collins when he was wounded in his left eye. These three were officially cited in Bde orders for their heroic actions and those orders were issued on […]

Sniper Rifles

SNIPER RIFLES   Below is a picture of the ABU RTO with the non-military issue sniper rifle. We had a few responses that said they didn’t get a look at it. Anyway it’s an interesting topic. I know that Hannibal humped an M-14 with a totally inadequate scope as a sniper in ’69. When I […]

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