Day: March 8, 2022

327 Infantry Veterans

Eye Witness Accounts

Bruce, I can confirm that PFCs James E. Farrar and Earl W. Goodall were both assigned to ABU, 1/327th when they were KIA as was Lt. Kenneth G. Collins when he was wounded in his left eye. These three were officially cited in Bde orders for their heroic actions and those orders were issued on […]

Sniper Rifles

SNIPER RIFLES   Below is a picture of the ABU RTO with the non-military issue sniper rifle. We had a few responses that said they didn’t get a look at it. Anyway it’s an interesting topic. I know that Hannibal humped an M-14 with a totally inadequate scope as a sniper in ’69. When I […]

Cattle Drive

CATTLE DRIVE   Jack Martin asks if any of the brothers remember anything about a cattle drive, sometime in 1967. If any of you subscibe to The First Screaming Eagles in Viet Nam look at Vol5 #4 pg2&3 there are two pictures of said cattle drive. I was with 1st plt Cobra during drive. Luckily […]

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