Stock, Walt

327 Infantry Veterans
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Stock, Walt
2nd Battalion,H&HC

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Walt Stock

H & H Company 1966 – 1967

I was one of the Patrol Leaders in the Hawks. The Hawks were a Reconnaissance Platoon, so we operated in a variety of configurations, sometimes 6 men, sometimes 40. It all depended on what our mission was.

There weren’t many units that could compare with the Hawks of 1967; they were a tight, cohesive, and professional unit, and were some of the greatest men I’ve ever served with.

“I served in four units in combat in Vietnam: A/2/503 in the 173d Abn., Hawks/2/327 in the 101st Abn., E Co (LRRP), 20th Inf (Abn), 1st Field Force, and with MACVSOG. When I retired from the service in 1982, I was wearing the Screaming Eagle on my right shoulder.”

Left to Right. Kneeling: Stock, Jones, Westerman, Morales. Standing front row: Paschall, ?, Kirst, Sylvester, Meyer, ? Copeland, Karpuska, Bowen. Back row: Molesko, Moses, ?, ?, Morehouse, ?, McGiver, Ewing, Goodwin, ?, Childress
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