Minns, Burk “Doc”

327 Infantry Veterans
Project Name
Minns, Burk “Doc”
1st Battalion,H&HC Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Burk ``Doc`` Minns

H & H Company 1967 – 1968


I served with the 1/327th during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years of 67-68 as a medic. In fact, I remember when the Air Force accidently dropped a B-52 bomb on our TOC CP. We were on our way back to TOC when we saw the hill light up and felt the earth shake. When we finally got permission to go up there, the place was a mess. I left there around June ’68 after spending only 8 months. I feel guilty for leaving my buddies behind, but my ETS came up & I felt it was time to leave. I was a senior aidman and I left some good guys behind.

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