Mc Kenna, Terry

327 Infantry Veterans
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Mc Kenna, Terry
1st Battalion,Cobra Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Terry Mc Kenna

C Company 1970

My name is Terry McKenna; I went through training with Steve Pohancek in April, ’70 at Camp Evans. He went to Alpha Co. and I went to Charlie Co.

I well remember that Xmas Eve: We were somewhere between FB Bastogne and Veghel, kicked back listening to the Xmas Carols coming from Bastogne. Artillery was firing H&I missions which was usual at night. I remember hearing (I think it was at night) that Alpha had taken beaucoup casualties in a friendly fire incident. I do remember very clearly hoping that Steve wasn’t one of them. We were only acquaintances at Evans and I never saw him after that; but I remember this good-looking, cocky kid always with a smile. I’ll always remember him that way.

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