Lowery, Leonard

327 Infantry Veterans
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Lowery, Leonard
1st Battalion,Cobra Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Leonard Lowery

C Company 1970 – 1971


I went in-country in September of ’70 to the 4th at An ke. We stood down, and as the soda girls predicted, some of us went to the Americal and the rest to the 101st. I was at Camp Evans for Thanksgiving dinner that year. Very shortly thereafter, I went to Charlie Co of 1/327.

In June of ’71 I was walking point when my number came up. I tripped a booby trap, but very luckily all the charge didn’t go off. My squad leader (Tom Broussard — Cajun) and I were dusted off. I wound up at Ft. Gordon, from which I was retired.

I am now a Real Estate Paralegal for a law firm here in Augusta. It satisfies my need to not be tied to one spot all the time, and pays ok, the people are ok and somewhat understanding.
I have 3 children, one stepchild, and 5 grandchildren.

A few years ago, we went to DC, and made a pilgrimage to the WALL. I found Lt Tom Jones’ name, the only person I knew there, and went away very sad and humbled.

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