Holt, Donald R.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Holt, Donald R.
1st Battalion,Brave Rifle Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Donald R. Holt

B Company 1967 – 1968


I served with the 1/327. Came in at Cam Ranh Bay Dec 21, 1967 and was sent up to Camp Eagle shortly after that and spent most of my tour in the A Shau. I do remember spending a few days on Fire support base Birmingham, while there (getting bombed by an American fighter jet) and getting ambushed by the NVA when we left B`ham on the road that led out to the A Shau. While in A Shau it seems like we were in constant battle with the NVA and being mortared a lot, eating C-rations dated in the early 40`s and drinking the nasty river or stream water contaminated with Agent Orange & no telling what else. Don’t remember too many names. I left country Dec of ’68.

I was a M60 machine gunner with the 101st, spent most of my tour in A Shau Valley 1968.

Donald R. Holt

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