Hobbs, Sam

327 Infantry Veterans
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Hobbs, Sam
1st Battalion,Brave Rifle Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Sam Hobbs

B Company 1970 – 1971


I happened upon Ted McCormack’s story after searching for info. on Hill 882. A show on the military channel made me research the battle I served with 1st Plt. Company B, 1/327th. I arrived on Hill 882 new (less than a week) in country sometime in May. I had forgotten most of the names of buddies, unit # etc. until I read his story. The only names I remembered was Erick’s, Ed’s and Forrest, Capt. Terrible Terry and Lt. Shultz.

I recall most of his story about the battle on 882 in that May. A lot of it was a daze for me since I arrived with some other new replacements for the unit. It’s amazing how I now recall some other names, details etc. I was in country with the unit until early February 1971.

As a “shake and Bake” NCO I later became squad leader (not sure which squad) and even platoon Sgt. for several weeks because we had no E-6’s or E-7’s for a time. I had no problem remembering a lot of the events and faces but names seemed to escape me. I hope to hear from anyone who served during that time. I have not done a lot of research regarding exact dates but intend on finding out a lot more in the coming weeks.

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