Cato, Charlie

327 Infantry Veterans
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Cato, Charlie
2nd Battalion,A Company,C Company,H&HC

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Charlie Cato

H & H, A, C Companies 1967

Yep.. HHC 2nd 327.. assigned to A Co most of the time. Spent a little time over there at C Co with Zorba the Greek.

Joined up on October 8th 1965 here in Atlanta. Signed up for Aviation Electronics School.

Had a real dumb one I got into basic at Benning to go SF. Got reassigned to a 111 mos and ended up going through advanced infantry at Jackson in the winter of 1966.

Went to the 3/325 at Bragg from there. Most of the 82nd was just coming home from Dom Rep at that time. The 82nd need medics so they lined 8 of us up and asked us if we would like to go to Paradise (Ft. Sam Houston). We all though that was a great idea.

Went to Nam in July 67 HHQ 2/327 Medic w/A&C 2/327 JUL – OCT ’67. I was one of the only Buck Sgt Medics most people ever saw. There is only one slot for those per battalion. Ended up working as the head medic for A 2/327.

Got WIA by a grenade on October 3, 67, hospital in Japan for two months, hospital in Denver two months and then spent most of my last year in the service as a leg at Ft. McPherson here in Atlanta.

Married for 32 years, two grown children and been working here at Delta Airlines in the computer business since 1976.

Charlie Cato
Charlie Cato
Charlie with USO chick Ina Rosenberg in the 106th Gen Hospital in Yokohama
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