Broll, Lee

327 Infantry Veterans
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Broll, Lee
1st Battalion,Cobra Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Lee Broll

C Company 1966

Joined C 1/327 in July 66 at Thuy Hoa as an ammo bearer on a 60, carried by Steve Bucannan. It wasn’t long before I was carrying the gun myself. SSGT. Bridges was my Platoon sergeant at the time. Had malaria shortly after that and when I came back somebody else had the gun. Anyway I stayed with 1st platoon until SSGT. Phillips started the recon squad. I was a member of it [the Cobra Rangers] until they disbanded up at Duc Pho. I was W.I.A. at Duc Pho.

I consider it the highest of all honors to have served with and walked among, if only for the short time I did, some of the finest men and greatest heroes to have ever served this country. Also served in D 2/506 at Campbell, the 82nd B 2/508 and 624th M.P.s at Devens. I was medically discharged 11-69 at Devens due to wounds received in R.V.N. Married Josephine Wybraniec at Greenville New Hampshire in 8-69 and have three daughters and two granddaughters [who says its a mans world].

Currently reside in Eastern Connecticut where I was raised. Graduated Mohegan College in 6-76 and have worked as a production planner, quality control inspector and methods engineer.

Started a bait and tackle shop in ’91 but sold in ’94 [didn’t have enough time to go fishing myself]. Currently work as a security specialist at Foxwoods Casino, here in Ledyard, Ct.

Served as state council president of Vietnam Veterans of America for five years, ending in ’95. Not very active anymore, just taking it easy.

Lee Broll
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