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327 Infantry Veterans

Schildknecht, James

Vietnam 1st Battalion James Schildknecht C, E (TF) Companies 1969 - 1970 Drafted out of college early '68 as punishment for dropping a 5 credit accounting class (oops...quickly to 1A status). Basic and AIT at Ft. Lewis, WA. Invited to Officer Candidate School, Ft. Benning, graduated 5/69....then went through Airborne School. Assigned as instructor [...]

Berry, Wes “Buck”

Vietnam 1st Battalion Wes ``Buck`` Berry C, E (TF) Companies My name is Wes Berry but was known as Buck. Served with C Co. 2nd platoon for 6 Mos and then E Co. mortars for 3 mos then the Tiger Force my last 3 mos. I was from Geneva, IL but now Batavia, IL [...]

Trent, George William (Gomer)

Vietnam 1st Battalion George William (Gomer) Trent B, E (TF) Companies 1969 - 1970 George William Trent (Gomer), I live in Lafayette, TN I served with B Company, Sept.'69-Oct.'70 and also with the Tigers. I was with Garry Berry, Ed White, Travis Shattle, Erick Miller, Michael Birmingham, "Mississippi", Dave Kulman,and other names that escape [...]

Legat, Lew

Vietnam 1st Battalion Lew Legat B, E (TF) Companies 1968 - 1969 "My name is Lew Legat and I served with B Company 1/327 from 3/68 to 8/68 and then again in 2/69. I was with Tiger Force from 8/68 to 2/69 and learned trade of sneaking through the jungles with very few people. [...]

Coleman, Ken “Dad”

Vietnam 1st Battalion Ken ``Dad`` Coleman B, E Companies 1970 - 1971 I was in "B" Company 1/327th from April of 1970 until, about Sept. of 1970. I was then moved to "E" Company (MOS was 11C) until I March of 1971 when I was sent home for my discharged. My nickname was "DAD" [...]

Baldwin, Stephen F.

Vietnam 1st Battalion Stephen F. Baldwin B, E (TF) Companies 1969 - 1970 I was born in Winston-Salem, NC in Nov. 1947. Married my high school sweetheart, Teresa Nifong in Sept. 1967. We have one daughter, April Marie Baldwin, born in July 1970 while I was still in RVN. I worked as a commercial [...]

Toni, Eugene J.

Vietnam 1st Battalion Eugene J. Toni A, E Companies 1970 I started out with "Alpha" Company on Los Banos 2/70. Switched to "Echo" Company Sgt in charge of sniper team at B'ham until Aug '70 recon until 10/09/1970 when I stepped on a land mine and lost both of my legs below the knees [...]

Hall, William A.

Vietnam 1st Battalion William A. Hall A, E Companies 1967 - 1968 I joined the Army in March of 1966 three days after my 17th birthday. I retired as a Sergeant Major 11Z50 in April of 1989. Along the way I did a year with A & E 1/327 JUN 67 - Jun 68 [...]
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