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327 Infantry Veterans

Trent, George William

Vietnam 1st Battalion George William Trent B, E (TF) Companies 1969 - 1970 George William Trent (Gomer). I live in Lafayette, TN. I served with B Company, Sept.'69-Oct.'70 and also with the Tigers. I was with Garry Berry, Ed White, Travis Shattle, Erick Miller, Michael Birmingham, "Mississippi", Dave Kulman and other names that escape [...]

Tomolonis, Jim

Vietnam 1st Battalion Jim Tomolonis E (TF) Company 1970 - 1971 Picture of Jim Tomolonis's Team Team Leader, Pajerski Front Center Jim is 1st on left 1st row Derle Walter far right 1st row. Jim says Derle had been to Recondo School and was good at what he did. Email Jim through his brother RICH [...]

Thomas Jr., John C.

Vietnam 1st Battalion John C. Thomas Jr. E (TF) Company 1969 - 1970 My brother served in Viet Nam from July '69-July '70. He was killed in a car crash in April of '88. He never really talked about the war, just about the friends he'd made and how close all you guys were. I [...]
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