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327 Infantry Veterans

Byrd, Wesley

Vietnam 1st Battalion Wesley Byrd A, H & H Companies 1970 - 1971 I was with the 1/327th from July 70- July 71. I was with ABU Company, third herd until late November of '70. While in the rear I was involved in a jeep / truck accident and had a severe back injury. [...]

Ainsworth, Mike

Vietnam 1st Battalion Mike Ainsworth H & H, A Companies 1966 - 1967 Entered the United States Army in March of 1966 at Ft. Ord California then on to Ft. Sam Houston, Texas for A I T and Jump School in Georgia and volunteered for Vietnam with the 1st Bde 101st ABN. Served in [...]

Agosta, Roy

Vietnam 1st Battalion Roy Agosta A, H & H Companies 1967 - 1969 My name is Roy Agosta, I spent 2 years with the 1st/327th. Infantry. My first 9 months was with "ABU", much of it on the 60. The rest was in HHC split between S4 and S5.... Tour began in June 67 [...]

Ackerman, Don “Doc Magoo”

Vietnam 1st Battalion Don ``Doc Magoo`` Ackerman H & H, A, B, C, D, TF Companies 1968 - 1970 I was assigned to HHC in 5/68 to 1/70. Served with Tigers for about 6 wks (to 6/19 wounded), when I came back from the hospital went to ABU Company till sometime in June or [...]

Abram, George

Vietnam 1st Battalion George Abram A, H & H Companies 1967 - 1968 I served with A 1/327 from June 67 to Jan 68, I then transferred to HQ 1/327 as battalion radio operator until June 68. Purple Heart, CIB. Airborne all the Way! George Abram A Company 1/327th 1st Brigade Back to the [...]
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