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327 Infantry Veterans

Mihalic, Nick

Vietnam 2nd battalion Nick Mihalic H & H, A Companies 1967 I entered country in February '67. Originally assigned to D-326th Medical Battalion then on to H&HC 2/327. Was then assigned with A Company for the remainder of my tour. Back to the Troopers

Dahlgren, Steve

Vietnam 2nd battalion Steve Dahlgren H & H, A, D, E Companies 1970 - 1971 101st Abn Div (Ambl) RVN Tour: Aug '70-Jul '71 Assignments/Units: Plt Ldr 1/A/2-327; S2 HHC/2-237; Plt Ldr Recon/E/2-327; Cdr D/2-327 Military Service: Infantry; LTC (Ret.); 23 years Active Duty (6 Jun '69 - 30 Jun '92) Occupation: JROTC Senior [...]

Cato, Charlie

Vietnam 2nd battalion Charlie Cato H & H, A, C Companies 1967 Yep.. HHC 2nd 327.. assigned to A Co most of the time. Spent a little time over there at C Co with Zorba the Greek. Joined up on October 8th 1965 here in Atlanta. Signed up for Aviation Electronics School. Had a [...]

Berry, Joe K.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Joe K. Berry H & H, A Companies 1967 - 1969 Came into country at Long Binh Repo Depo on December 27, 1967. Ten days later I was assigned to the 2/327th which then was at Song Be. Arrived at A-2/327 on January 14, 1968 in the field outside on Song [...]

Bergman, Douglas R.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Douglas R. Bergman H & H, A, D & E Companies 1969 - 1970 Doug, I trust that your last Rendezvous was a soft landing and your personal demons have been laid to rest. Rest in Peace Brother. No Slack! Yankee Jim Plt Ldr A,D,E (Radar) 2/327 & HHC 101 [...]

Andersen, Larry J.

Vietnam 2nd battalion Larry J. Andersen H & H, A Companies 1965-1966 Larry J. Andersen Yes, I went over on the barge Eltinge, all 28 days worth. I didn’t do a full tour; I DEROS’d out 11 months 8 days. DD214 lists a CMB. Later I was notified that I was awarded a ACM. [...]

Bagley, Norm

Vietnam 2nd battalion Norm Bagley H & H, A & B Companies 1966 - 1967 I arrived in country 30 April 1966. Assigned to HHQ 2/327 and attached to B Co. 3rd. platoon as a Medic in Tuy Hoa. Humped around there for awhile breaking in all us new guys. Seemed like we were [...]
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