Mil Thornton’s Photos

327 Infantry Veterans

1/327th Infantry “Above The Rest” Vietnam

Mil Thornton's Photos

1st Platoon

mil_32This is Marshall G. Miller – he was 21 yrs old

He was killed on June 21st 1970. He was in the 1st Platoon, A Co. The platoon was in the Quang Tri Province when this happened. I would really like to know if anyone was there when this happened. If so please contact me.

Mil Thornton

mil_bearThe bear was one of 3 that tried to wander into our NDP at night. Each one took a claymore blast. One still kept going,and we had to hunt him down, found him about 50 yards back on the trail before he keeled over. We also had rock apes raid our camp once. That was crazy, having to shoot them. They wanted all of our food and tore things up pretty good.

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