Medical Platoons 1967

327 Infantry Veterans

1/327th Infantry “Above The Rest” Vietnam

Medical Platoons 1967

Medical Platoon 1967

Photo submitted by:
Tom Kilbride

Medical Platoon for the 1st 327th Dating around March 1967
Left to right starting with the last row:
Hanna, Lindsay, Cothryn, Jolivette, Rivera, Virgil Cook, Rick Dolinger, Mike Ainsworth, Wise, White, Parkham, Jackson, Young
Middle row:
Teeters, Alt, Barrientos, Hodge, Tom Kilbride, Wall, Murphy, Marriott, Harrison Jenkins, Walt Neff, Callender
Front row:
Smyth, Wilkerson, Ron Chaffin, Lindsey, Doctor Brad Muchler, SFC GaleNelson, Sanders, Tomson, Mayhew, L’Hommedieu

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