327 Infantry Veterans

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admin admin wrote on March 26, 2003 at 7:55 pm
Name: Crystal Carpenter
Hometown: Portsmouth, Ohio
Sent: 8.05 am - wed 26 mar 2003

Hi Jeramiah we miss you but want to say how proud we are of you. You still own me a dinner so don't think you can get out of it now. Be safe and becareful. We are praying for you and everyone that is over there. God Bless You.
Name: janet downs
Hometown: Albion,IL
Sent: 5.56 am - wed 26 mar 2003

God Bless you and every Man over there--You are in my thoughts and prayers-Come Home soon--Love ya all
Name: Sally Esposito
Hometown: Cohoes,N.Y.
Sent: 5.32 am - wed 26 mar 2003

We all say thank you and god speed.We pray that all of you are home soon.Please stay safe.We are proud of all of you.The Esposito family.
Name: ken clapp
Hometown: hemet ca
Sent: 5.26 am - wed 26 mar 2003

to Jerimiah dewey hi im your mouthers friend wanted to let you know i support our troups, Jermiah i pray for your safety daily ken
Name: Tassler Derek D.
Hometown: Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Sent: 1.48 am - wed 26 mar 2003

My younger brother is currently serving in the 327th in Iraq. My Uncle Moose served in Vietnam in the 101st. Myself and my older brother served in the Marine Corps. I can not think of a more fitting man, or a more fitting situation, than the one facing my brother and all other servicemen and women over there right now. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to all who have served and continue to serve the colors. My trust is with each and every one.
Name: James K.Collins
Hometown: Kenosha
Sent: 1.27 am - wed 26 mar 2003

All my prayers are with you Jeremiah. Ive recently come to know your father, he is a good friend and a fine man... Take care Jeremiah and be safe James
Name: Tracy Lyon
Hometown: Roseburg, Oregon
Sent: 12.56 am - wed 26 mar 2003

To all the screaming eagles... you are all in my prayers. I know you are all doing your very best over there and the entire country should be very proud of you. Sgt. Jeremiah Dewey.. if you see this, Know that I love you. Please take care of yourself and i hope you can come home soon.
Name: lisa davis
Hometown: sandy oregon
Sent: 12.40 am - wed 26 mar 2003

hey you guys my thoughts and prayers are with you all the time.jeremiah i wish for your safe return, i am a friend of your dads and i know he is very very worried about you and i care alot about your safety and all others with you.take care we all love you guys there.we support you all the way.
Name: alvin dewey
Hometown: lake michigan
Sent: 12.27 am - wed 26 mar 2003

jeremiah my thoughts are with you buddy. your not only my son, but also my best friend in the whole world. tell vert to watch your back,and you watch ya. come home safe. i can't wait to toast you and vert
Name: Rick Franklin
Hometown: Seattle Wa
Sent: 12.20 am - wed 26 mar 2003

a dear friend of mine, Sandy, tells me her son is in this unit.....i pray to God that ALL of you return home safely and i commend you for the job you are doing. Thank you all
Name: Sandy Dewey
Hometown: Lake, Michigan
Sent: 12.19 am - wed 26 mar 2003

Hi my sweet son...dont know if you'll see this...but want you to know how much i love you and how very proud i am of you...and every person over take care of yourself..your all in our prayer....Love you tons.....Mom
Name: alvin dewey
Hometown: lake michigan
Sent: 11.37 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

i like your site,
i'm proud to say my youngest son is a member of the 2/327 and hes serving in the free iraq campain.
god bless all our troops.
Hometown: Cleveland Tn.
Sent: 11.35 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

may god bless and keepour troops safe my familyandI willbe prayering for your safe return in the battles to come may youalways kickthere butts ronald deal an family
Name: Becky Connolly
Hometown: Orangevale, CA
Sent: 7.45 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

God Bless our kids in the middle east right now. I would love to hear from any mom/dad/or relative from my sons company. 101st 327th 1st Batallion, Bravo Company. Godspeed. WE love you all and we pray for your safe return soon. I love you Matt. MOM
Hometown: houston,tex.
Sent: 7.41 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

hey bros. i been gone for awhile, i can say i miss you guys.pray you all are in the best of health.

Name: Lisa Freeman
Hometown: Concord, CA
Sent: 3.18 pm - tue 25 mar 2003

I just wanted to say Thank you to you and your families for the sacrifices all of you are making to keep America free and safe. God Bless you and I pray for your safe return soon.
If any military personnel would like a pen pal please write.
Name: A.W. (Art) Mercer
Hometown: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Sent: 1.56 am - tue 25 mar 2003

Two years ago my wife and I visited the memorial at Gander, Newfoundland. We were touched by the reverence of that site and truely felt that we were standing on sacred ground. WE support your President's position on Iraq and pray for the safe return of all personnel.
Name: Harry Carpenter
Hometown: Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Sent: 3.42 pm - mon 24 mar 2003

Served as Company C medic 1970-71
Name: Shelli Peters
Hometown: Eugene, OR
Sent: 1.59 pm - mon 24 mar 2003

What a great website! My brother is currently with the 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 327 infantry regiment with the 101st in Iraq. It is nice to have a website like yours to refer to. Thanks!
Name: John Dunn
Hometown: San Antonio Texas
Sent: 1.30 pm - mon 24 mar 2003

As a member of HHC 1/327th motars 90-93, I am with you every step of the way. I am proud to be a part of the history of the unit, and proud each of you are representing the nation and our way of life. Do not let the small minded people in this country discourage you. The nation supports you and all you are doing. Everyone is praying for your safe return. Above the Rest.
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