Ted (Max) Mc Cormick’s Photos

327 Infantry Veterans

1/327th Infantry “Above The Rest” Vietnam

Ted (Max) Mc Cormick's Photos


Here is a shot of 1st Squad 1st Plt 1/327th Inf 101st Abn Div (AMBL) during Tet 70 during
Operation Randolf Glenn, Jan 70. We just returned from an all night ambush and had hot chow waiting.
The M-60 is covered with a tarp (as you know Monsoon’s in Jan in Northeren I Corps).
Lt to right: John Albro, Pheonix Az, M-60 gunner Travis Shattle, Tampa,Fla,
Don Stoba,Clifton NJ, Kevin Mclaughlin, PA, Ted McCormick, Glennie, Mi and standing Erick Miller, Salem, Wi.
Johnny Yarbourh was finishing his second tour with B Co and a Hamburger Hll vet…derosed in Feb 70.
During this misson (which was supposed to be “Top Secret”) we came out of the jungle to be used as a blocking force south of Quang Tri for a expected Tet offensive by the NVA. It never materialized.
We had forced marched 20 K’s with full field gear during the night, through the hills, down Hwy 1 to Phu Bai, etc. only to board Arvin Navy junks, then we sailed thought the night in the hulls like sardines assualting the beach at dawn. There on the beach in the middle on knowhere was a mama-san with a Moped …selling cokes. After a couple of weeks we returned to jungle.

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