When We Saw Them Coming Up The River

327 Infantry Veterans

327th Infantry

When We Saw Them Coming Up The River

by C.B.Burgess

Few days compare for bliss of heaven,
Like Christmas Day of ’67.
The stifling air was swelling hot;
A good day though for jungle rot.

Anticipating chocolate chewy,
We cut a place to land a Huey.
Hot chow and whisky, gifts with bells;
New cameras caught what pictures tell.

Doc Webb and me were put to task;
Down to the banks with strings of flasks!
Our hearts did pang with love’s sharp sliver
When we saw them coming up the river;

Two Donut Dollies firm and sweet,
Came to our realm with kicking feet:
We hid them out, just me and Doc,
And volunteered for perimeter watch.

Our confession now is filled with pain,
For what we did we feel such shame;
The day we screwed our Airborne brothers,
But exactly how? By wooing others!

C.E.Burgess (2007)

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