Young, Shelton

327 Infantry Veterans
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Young, Shelton
2nd Battalion,A Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Shelton Young

A Company 1967 – 1968

Tour of Duty: 6/20/67 – 3/21/68
Unit: A Co., 2nd Plt., 2 Battalion, 327rh Inf. (2nd Plt)
Citation: Purple Heart, CIB

The picture of me was taken at a hospital in Cam Ranh Bay where I was recovering from Malaria back in August 1967. Actually, it was taken a couple of days before being sent back to my unit which was base camped at Duc Pho.

I was wounded Mar. 21, 1968 attempting to recover fallen heroes from C. Co. who had run into a well concealed bunker complex on a trail in a kill zone in Thua Thien Province.

Shelton Young
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