Wilkerson, Alan

327 Infantry Veterans
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Wilkerson, Alan
1st Battalion,H&HC Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Alan Wilkerson

H & H Company 1967 – 1968


I landed in-country March 6th, 1967 aboard a Boeing 727 from Oakland, California. I originally volunteered for RVN two years or so before, but because I was stationed in the Dominican Republic with the 82nd Airborne from Feb 1965 thru June 1966, the US Army with all its wisdom, said “I was already overseas in a combat theatre and therefore unable to transfer”. When the 82nd ABN finally returned to Ft. Bragg, I again applied for RVN and was finally accepted. I was also told I’d have to extend my original three-year Army enlistment for 9 months to be able to complete a 12-month RVN tour because I had less than 6 months left on active duty. I accepted gladly!

Doc Wilkerson
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