Wilhelmi, Garry

327 Infantry Veterans
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Wilhelmi, Garry
2nd Battalion,C Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Garry Wilhelmi

C Company 1969 – 1970


Hello! I was in 3rd platoon C company 2nd Battalion 327th Infantry 101st Airborne 1969-1970. At the time that Firebase Tomahawk was hit we were in the southern valley from the firebase that was, if I remember right, called Nuc Noc or something like that. We were pulled out of Phou Loc a few days before to (As we found out later) try to draw enemy mortar fire so our Hawk recon platoon or another unit could find them and knock them out. Our platoon leader was Lt. Steven Horn. I can’t remember what our platoon sgt. name was or if was after he was wounded and sent. I never knew the name of the soldier that was killed by the illumination canister, all we knew was that there were 20 sappers killed coming through the wire. Shortly after that we were sent to guard Tomahawk for our two weeks. There were some pictures taken of the dead sappers that caused a lot of problems with the higher up. I never heard if they ever got all of the copies. My name is Garry Wilhelmi. I was a Spec 4 and the platoon RTO. I would like to hear any more information or stories you might know of. Thank you.

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