Warren, James A.

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Warren, James A.
2nd Battalion,H&HC

Vietnam 2nd battalion

James A. Warren


Turn up your volume and visit our Brother James Warren’s web site. James passed away early last month and his son Robbie is maintaining his site and has added pictures of his father’s funeral service. Please sign the guest book. http://www.geocities.com/robbiew80/screamingeagle2-327.htm

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Yankee Jim

I have trouble trying to remember names it has been so long ago. But I will always remember Chargin’ Charlie. I arrived in country March of 67 assigned to B-Battery 320th Artillery. Got to know the Colonel of 2-327 (Black Panther) and he told me he needed a Mortar Platoon. I transferred From Artillery to Infantry under Black Panther. I served HHC 2-327 and they called me (Chief ) onto DEROS plus two months. Was asked to stay the extra two months by Chargin’ Charlie while in Ashau Valley. We were the first ones on Camp Eagle, Vietnam. We shot NVA there and took the hill. There was so much fighting we lost half battalion of men and hardly any pictures. In fact I didn’t even see a camera, too busy. Chargin’ Charlie and “Bull” Garten got pined down 300 yards from TOC CP for 3 days. They went there to make a Capt. move. Charger told me the next time a Capt. says he can’t move I guess I will believe him! This is why I didn’t leave for 2 extra months. Commanding General Barsanti flew me to rear to come home. I left with a 10 min notice. My Mortar Platoon shot me a salute as we were flying off to come home, this was May of 1968. It was hard to leave those boys there. I had to come home, my wife and two boys were waiting in South Carolina for me.

Vietnam changed my life. I pray daily for the boys in Afghanistan.

SFC James A Warren

James A. Warren
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