Voegtle, Tim

327 Infantry Veterans
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Voegtle, Tim
2nd Battalion,B Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Tim Voegtle

B Company 1967


Enlisted in Army Aug. 5, 66. Went to basic at Ft. Polk, La. and stayed there for 8 weeks of Field Wireman school 36C. Then to Ft. Benning, Ga for Airborne school. Went to Vietnam Jan. 67 as unassigned Infantry rank of E-3. After one week of a crash course in infantry training was assigned to B/2/327, 3rd Plt. Sometime later I was promoted to E-4 and made an RTO when they found out I was trained 36C. Company was sweeping a mountain side outside Duc Pho on July 18, 67 when our platoon was ambushed. I was hit immediately along with the Plt. Ldr. (CHICO), the point man and one man behind me. It happened about 2:30 PM and we stayed under heavy fire until we pulled out 4 hours later. All I remember about casualties was our platoon had 7 wounded and the first platoon coming down from the high ground had one KIA, at least. I spent 2 weeks in Japan and then sent to Valley Forge, Pa., since my wounds would take too long to mend and I would not have to return to complete my tour. In Nov. 67 I went to Ft. Knox, Ky. and joined a BCT training company, was sent to Drill Sgt. School and made Sgt. E-5 Feb. 68 when graduated. Made E-6 Aug. 68. I was a Plt. Sgt. over 50 trainees for 8 training cycles and won top honors in 2 of them. ETS was Aug. 5, 69. Joined the Army Reserves in Kentucky Feb. 72 and retired Oct. 91 as E-7 Senior Drill Sgt. and senior instructor for the M-1 tank (19K4X).

My wounds consisted of 4 bullet holes made by 3 bullets. Through and through of the right knee, lower right leg right side, and left side at the waist.

Married July 5, 69 to Barbara. 3 children and 3 grandsons.




The bottom of the card has “HAVE
the top “CHICOS BANDIDOS”. The
2nd Bn. gave everyone these cards to
carry with them and attach to enemy
KIA, etc.

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