Teeters, Doug “Doc”

327 Infantry Veterans
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Teeters, Doug “Doc”
1st Battalion,Brave Rifle Troops,H&HC Troops,Tiger Troops

Vietnam 1st Battalion

Doug ``Doc`` Teeters

H & H (TF), B Companies 1967 – 1968


Doug passed away 3/11/24 at one of the VA facilities in Vancouver, WA.



Wife: Vicky
Children: Aretha
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Plt. Medic till May 67, Tiger Force Medic in Duc Pho till Vivax Malaria in July ? 67. Hospital about 2 weeks, Tac Cp for a short, back to T. F. in Duc Pho & Chu Lie till I got Hosp. again for Malaria, Scrub Typhus, back to T. F. till liver infection or reaction from “CHLORAQUINE PRIMEOQUINE” the salmon colored Monday pill.
Got back up to the Chu-Li, company rear area after 3 weeks of hospital at Cam Rann Bay, then TACCP, for a short, then Tigers again at Phan Theit but I didn’t last long that time, I was 6’4′ & weighed 114 Lbs. I looked and felt like something from a Nazi concentration camp.
A month into Phan Theit, I was in to poor health to keep up with the pace, went to TACCP and became A TOCCP Doc. and A REMF for a short, and left in mid Jan 68, on extension leave for REMF Aid Station Doc. duty and I never went back. I was in a drunken car crash, a baddy! By the time I got back on my feet , I was to short to return to Nam, so, I finished out my time in a leg ambulance co. at Ft. Lewis, Wash. real close to home, in Oregon. I still have guilt over not returning to Nam on my 6 month extension tour, and lots of other survivor guilt about that sorry assed 3rd world, rice grubbing, commie shit hole, that killed and maimed so many of our good brothers there, then walked away under less than honorable reason’s , leaving the commies the entire land and people behind to be taken over by our enemy. “WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE” but not in our commitment for liberty for all mankind.

Doc. Teeters.

Doug (Doc) Teeters on the right
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