Stevens, William “Sandy”

327 Infantry Veterans
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Stevens, William “Sandy”
2nd Battalion,D Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

William ``Sandy`` Stevens

D Company 1970 – 1971

I joined Delta company early in July 1970. Captain Harris was the Company Commander and Top Dearman was the 1st Sgt. I was a typical grunt for a while and later moved into the company cp as an RTO along with Tex Brawley and Dennehy. Doc Erickson was our medic. I can’t recall the Forward Observers name but do have pictures.. We spent most of our time around the area supported by firebase Tomahawk. I recall one trip up (excuse the spelling) Bach Ma mountain which I thought was impressive. The first time under fire was a mortar attack while we were pulling security for a “jump” fire base. It was supposed to be a 3 day mission but got extended. On the first day of the extended mission we received a hot meal for supper and had just settle in to enjoy it when the attack began. As I recall they knocked out one gun and the water supply. The attack was short lived but the gunships and a bad guy with an AK fired on each other for most of the night. In the spring of 1971, I don’t recall the date, I was reassigned from Delta Company to work in the club system due to my civilian occupation as an accountant. I left Nam on July 5 1971 and finished out my military hitch at Fort Carson. I retired in January 2002 after a career with the Internal Revenue Service as a Revenue Agent. I would certainly like to hear from my NO SLACK brothers out there who remember me.

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