Shirley, Alva

327 Infantry Veterans
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Shirley, Alva
2nd Battalion,A Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Alva Shirley

A Company 1968 – 1969

Got out of the Army in ’71 after a year with the 3rd ID in Germany and returned to school. After getting my degree in ’75 I went back into the Army as a grunt. 17 years later I retired as a SFC. Although I was 11B I served in military schools as an instructor and operations sergeant for almost half of my time. I had a strange assignment pattern but enjoyed being a solider, even if I was a REMF much of the time. After retiring I went back to school and got my second MS. God has blessed me and I have had a good life even if I did make some sorry choices at times.

Unfortunately I do not have jump wings. Two tries, two completions of Ground Week, one bad knee and no wings. I do have the CIB and lots of memories from the “Nam”.

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