Shirah, George “Whitey”

327 Infantry Veterans
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Shirah, George “Whitey”
2nd Battalion,D Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

George ``Whitey`` Shirah

D Company 1968 – 1969

George (Whitey) passed away December 7, 2022. We miss you brother.

The above was written by Howard Baldwin.

What he didn’t put into the letter was our recollection that George stayed at our house the night before we put him on the plane.  He slept on a bench car seat that I was reupholstering which was on the floor, underneath the baby grand piano (a gift from Howard on his return from service.)  When George woke up in the morning and sat straight up, he banged his head on the bottom of the piano.  I can’t remember the exclamation he used, but I’m pretty sure it was unprintable!

Gema Baldwin

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