Sheppard, Edward E.

327 Infantry Veterans
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Sheppard, Edward E.
2nd Battalion,A Company

Vietnam 2nd battalion

Edward E. Sheppard

A Company 1965 – 1966

Survivor of Trung Luong. Only one of two RTO’s not WIA or KIA that year.

Pat Noonan

Ron White, A-2-327 65′-66′, called yesterday and let me know that he heard from the sister, Gail Sheppard, of Edward Sheppard, who was an RTO with 2ND Platoon (the Platoon with Bruce Masters). This was good news! Now the bad: Edward passed in 1995 after retiring from the military as a Master Sgt. stationed at Ft. Bragg with the 82ND.

His sister let me know that he was buried on base in case any of you may be visiting Ft. Bragg.

Sheppard, or just Shep as we called him at that time, was a great soldier and RTO. We arrived together as group following assignment to Vietnam following AIT and jump school. (Quick names within the group: Pat Noonan, Ron White, Fred Pitner, Stan Perry, Dan Little, Guadlupe Martinez, Edward Sheppard and myself + others. We were the first replacements for the 101st in October 1965.)

Sheppard returned home in October 1966, honored with a Bronze Star and The Army Commodation Medals.

Shep was a musician and wrote the song “Wasco’s Men” (to the music of another song), which was sung after Trung Loung. The song is hung at the museum at Ft. Campbell as it was duplicated and written down. He loved his music and had his guitar within him at home base in Vietnam.

After returning to the states and stationed at Ft. Bragg, Sheppard began playing within his own musical group and I have heard many reports from those, who enjoyed listening to him off base.

Apparently, Sheppard went back and did at least another tour of duty in Vietnam.

Who could ever forget his laugh and positive attitude. He really did live with a “CanDo” attitude! He was indeed AIRBORNE … all the way!

His sister knows very little about his life in the service nor does his daughter’s. His letters and pictures were lost following his death. His sister writes:

Dear Rick,
I can’t thank you enough for calling. I am looking forward to speaking with you again. I would love to see any pictures you have of your VietNam service, whether Eddie is in them or not. I will know whoever is in the pictures are his friends and fellow soldiers. Take care.
Gail Sheppard (I took my maiden name back 18 years ago)

Although most of my pictures were destroyed, I do have a few to forward. I believe I have seen others as well with the albums shared at reunions … Noonan and Housley.

Gail is open to speaking with any of you. Her telelphone number is: 757-488-5255

We lost another great soldier and a brother! May he rest in peace!

I was proud to serve with him! Maybe we will march again at another time and place?

Rick Salazar

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